From wintry first dates to your first Christmas with your S.O.’s family, the holiday season can be a magical time for falling in love. But coming up with creative date night ideas that don’t involve getting frostbite? That’s a different story. Instead of braving the cold (even though we love an excuse to bring out our cute cold-weather jackets), we’re planning our winter dates inside for the foreseeable future. Here are 25 creative date night ideas that are perfect for when the weather outside is, indeed, frightful.

1. Attend an amateur holiday concert. Band geek or not, nothing gets us in the holiday spirit like going to a cheesy Christmas sing-a-long. Pack up your favorite snacks and get cozy while listening to the season’s hottest tunes.


2. Host your own fake blackout. What would happen if you and your boo had a spontaneous power outage? That’s right; it’s time to put away those phones. This night calls for creepy ghost stories, makeshift recipes, and long chats with a little bit of snuggling on the side.


3. Hit the mall and take a selfie with Santa. Holiday shopping can be super stressful, but this trip to the mall doesn’t have to be. Grab a warm cup of hot cocoa, preferably in an adorable Starbucks holiday cup, and people-watch to your heart’s content. Don’t forget to get a pic with Santa for a cheap(ish) date-night keepsake.

4. Take an indoor skydiving class. If you and your sweetie are looking for something a little more adventurous, try taking an indoor skydiving class. Just make sure that your S.O. isn’t afraid of heights first.


5. Become your own mixologists. There’s nothing wrong with having a date night at home, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on planning a fun activity. Instead of chilling in your PJs, get dressed to the nines and try your hand at creating festive cocktails. We’re partial to boozy hot chocolate and mistletoe jello shots.

6. Cuddle up at the ballet. If you still have time to score tickets to your local ballet — The Nutcracker plays just about everywhere during the holidays — do it. Not only will your sweetheart love a night on the town, but you might also get a cute Christmas Instagram shot in your fancy date-night attire.


7.Up your “Netflix and chill” game with a blanket fort and foodie challenge. This one requires a little more prep than your classic living room date night. The challenge is to eat your way around the world (AKA five countries, five courses) and build yourself a DIY hostel — blanket forts will do — for the cultural staycation of your dreams.

8. Try a meal experience. Going out for dinner is a tried-and-true date-night staple. But instead of hitting up Chipotle, try choosing a restaurant that’s a little more unique. Whether you decide to try a comedy club or conveyor belt sushi, dinner and a show is always a great option.


9. Disney-fy your date night with an evening fit for a beauty and a beast. If you’re just as excited as we are for the upcoming Disney slate of movies (the star-studded A Wrinkle in Time and live-action versions of The Lion King and Aladdin, to name just a few), use that inspiration to host a romantic Disney date. From cooking a beautiful Parisian dinner to reading aloud by the fire, go all in with this dinner party for two.

10. Go to an art-house flick. If going to the latest superhero movie doesn’t excite your partner, why not try going to an indie movie instead? It might be a little out of your comfort zone, but having your sweetie beside you will definitely make it worth the frantic subtitle reading.

11. Have a brainstorming sesh. If you still can’t decide on a creative idea in time for your date night, why not invite your S.O. over to brainstorm the wildest date night ideas you can dream up? With a little wine and a few apps, you’ll be surprised by how fun getting your creative juices flowing can be. Plus, it’ll let you get a peek into your partner’s innermost date-night desires.

Young couple doing yoga in tree pose at home

12. Host an evening of at-home couple’s yoga. If you’re looking for a date-night idea that brings you closer (literally!) with bae, try doing the couple’s yoga challenge during your next rendezvous. There are tons of beginner and advanced poses to try with your partner that will have you both working up a sweat. (Photo via Getty)

13. Attend a local craft fair or flea market. During the lead up to winter, craft fairs and flea markets are the perfect places to take your sweetheart on a spontaneous outing. Grab your partner and explore rows and rows of artisanal products that you won’t find anywhere else. This is also a great opportunity to score some helpful hints about what kind of present your partner might like for the holidays.

14. Learn a creative skill together. Learning a new skill together doesn’t have to be a year-long ordeal. If you’re looking for an easy one-night project, pick up one of our Brit + Co DIY Kits from Target and make anything from a DIY wood-burned cutting board to a macramé planter for a date night that’s waaay more exciting than dinner and a movie. Bonus points if you use the free online class voucher that comes with the kit to learn a second new skill with your boo.

15. Take every personality test you can find on the internet. Want to know more about your date without all the boring small talk of a coffee shop outing? Grab your laptop and take some fun personality tests — be sorted into your Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses, discover your unique personality with the NERIS test, find your Myers-Briggs type, or read all about your Enneagram number.

Two young women walking arm in arm, down street

16. Attend a free lecture at your local college. Most colleges and universities regularly host free lectures for the public on a range of topics. Check your local collage for more information about what events are happening in the coming weeks and get ready for a date night brain boost. Dinner is on the person who asks the best question in class! (Photo via Getty)

17. Try dozens of popular YouTube challenges together.YouTube challenges are hilarious to watch… and even more entertaining to try with your partner. From the Try Not to Laugh Challenge to Chubby Bunny, this is a great way to add a little intrigue to a cozy night indoors. Uploading to YouTube is optional, but snapchatting your friends mid-challenge is definitely a must.

18. Host a private game night with DIY board games. Scrabble and Monopoly are fun and everything, but we’re getting a little tired of playing the same board games over and over again. We suggest whipping together a few DIY party games and sprucing up couple’s games night with some brand new games to help bring out your competitive side.

19. Create your own free sample scavenger hunt. Costco, Whole Foods, your local mall — take your date on a scavenger hunt to find the best freebies in your local area. While this date idea may have you running from store to store in the cold, the adventure will be worth it once you see how much free swag you can score. Plus, indoor heating, people!

20. Get crafty by creating vision boards together. This DIY date-night activity is ideal if you’re looking for an easy way to get to know your partner a little better. While creating a couple’s vision board can definitely lead to some big-picture discussions with your S.O., making individual vision boards is a great date-night project to have your other half keep you accountable for your life goals.

21. Hit up a cozy library. Let’s be real: Libraries are a seriously underrated date night activity. If you’re tired of re-watching shows on Netflix, we suggest heading over to your local library and searching through hundreds of thousands of books and movies for the goofiest finds that you know your partner will get a kick out of. Spend the rest of your night watching super cheesy movies and reading outrageous books for a date night guaranteed to make you and your partner belly laugh.

Couple Relaxing On Sofa At Home Using Laptop

22. Go back to school… from the comfort of your couch. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet your S.O. when you were still in high school? To recreate what it would really be like to take a class with your current sweetheart, try completing the workbook Homework for Grown-Ups by E. Foley and B. Coates ($20) to see how well your partner really remembers those boring history lessons. Note-passing and in-class flirting is encouraged.

23. Attempt a IKEA furniture hack.Organizational hacks, bedroom hacks, kitchen hacks… there are so many different IKEA projects that can upgrade your pad and make for an awesome date night. While this activity may require a little pre-planning to gather tools and supplies, it’s a great opportunity to work on your communication and teamwork skills.

24. Try doing a 30-day Instagram photo challenge in a single afternoon. You know all those month-long photo challenges that always pop up on your Instagram feed? Head to some of your fave local hangouts with your S.O. and try to take a pic that works for every day of the challenge. The catch? You have a time-limit of one hour. Better get snapping!


25. Babysit a fur-baby for a day. If you have a friend or relative who’s looking for a sitter for Fido, volunteer for the gig with your partner. Spending time taking care of a fur-baby will be a hoot and will probably be more than enough entertainment to last throughout the entire date. If you can’t find someone who needs a sitter, try volunteering with your other half at animal organizations like the ASPCA.

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