We’ve all got that one friend who has style for days. Maybe they’re an artist or designer, or they simply have an eye for aesthetics — whatever the reason, picking out a gift for them can be slightly daunting. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite colorful, patterned and beautiful gifts that run the gamut from funky stocking stuffers to sweet lookin’ furniture. Anyone obsessed with design will fall head over heels for these gems.

1. Eames House of Mugs ($96): Take a page (or rather, a card) from the Charles and Ray Eames House of Cards Collection. Repetitive patterns, bold color and eye-catching images will fit in any cupboard. With six mugs in the set, you’re setting your designer up for a stylish cup of coffee anytime.

2. Pantone Tin Boxes ($20): Give a box in their favorite Pantone color — they come filled with art supplies. Anyone who loves color (let’s be real, who doesn’t?) will appreciate one of these.

3. Zebra Stacking Dish ($32): Serve up some style with Jonathan Adler’s gilded zebra dish. This is a great way to give a chic gift that looks luxe without having to pay a hefty price.

4. Dieter Rams Clock ($30): Dieter Rams is the man behind some of the sleekest clocks ever. Give the gift of running late in style with an homage to Rams’ legacy. With three neutral variations to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

5. Happy Hour Every Hour Print ($43): Happy hour with a George Nelson-esque starburst clock? We’re all about it… and we bet your budding artist friends will be too.

6. Storage Box ($25): When it comes to decorating a home, quirky little touches go a long way. This wooden box from H&M reminds us of old school wooden train sets, but the geometric pattern and stand-out paint job transform it into a modern piece for any contemporary home.

7. Colorful Note Cards ($15): Art and Paris go hand in hand, thanks to the romantic ambiance of the city, endless coffee and wine and that je ne sais quoi that draws people to its streets. The colors and textures in each card are sure to inspire.

8. Cozy Ode to the Bubble Lamp ($58): Bubble lamps are big in home design, especially when a mid-century modern vibe is in place. Give your pal a way to get cozy with this handmade pillow cover.

9. Crystal Clear Planter ($20): Know someone who’s into design and has a green thumb? Give her a place to put her newest plant with this ultra cool Boskke cube planter, or deliver this present with a succulent already cozied in for a little more green.

10. Read Up on Modern Living ($44): With input from designers hailing from all over the world, this book has got anyone who’s interested in learning about the origins of home style covered.

11. Art Deco Box ($39): This coffee table cutie could also double as a great Gatsby-esque jewelry box. Anyone with an artistic side will be swooning over the pattern.

12. Caffeine Requirements Mug ($10): This Milton Glaser–designed mug will keep your design nerd friends awake for late-running projects by reminding them how much more caffeine they’ll need to function.

13. A Good Read for Little Designers ($10): Get the little ones interested in design early with this book of colors from Pantone. Come on, you know it’d be impressive to have a three-year-old tell you their favorite color is chartreuse.

14. The Chicest Place You’ll Ever Lay Your Head ($48): That blue + that pattern + that price = YES.

15. House of Cards ($25): No, it’s not your beloved House of Cards from your Netflix queue, but Eames fans will be equally excited about this set. Little notches in the cards allow for easy assembly of an art installation that will turn your dining room into a gallery.

16. Turn Back Time Print ($22): Isn’t it time you picked up a cheeky print like this one for your budding designer friend working ALLLL the time? If you often joke about how they don’t have any time on their hands, this one’s a cute inside joke and a great gift all in one.

17. I Love NY ($10): Know a design maven who loves their iPad and New York City? Get a tablet adorned with Milton Glaser’s most iconic design.

18. Mini Eames Chair ($20): This tiny model Eames chair would make a great office tchotchke. You could also gift this 3D-printed piece to a young artist for the coolest dollhouse edition ever. Either way, there’s a lot of awesome in this teensy package.

19. Pantone Globe Ornament ($16): One of these vibrant ornaments makes a great stocking stuffer for any lover of color. Give one of these and let them trim the tree eclectically.

20. Mini Journals for Meticulous Doodles ($12): Fans of Paula Scher have probably seen her incredibly intricate map drawings. Tie in some pencils and make a set that’ll have them doodling in no time.

21. Eames Dot Cufflinks ($40): Add some sass to business professional with cufflinks designed by the beloved mainstream designers known as Eames. Understated, yet funky? We love it.

22. Take a Seat Print ($25+): Know someone with ultra-modern style? Give them a print that nods to the era that started it all.

23. Colorstrology ($20): Give this to your friend who loves color and checks her horoscope by the hour. This one’s a great conversation starter at parties too.

24. Paula Scher Canvas Print ($85): Give fans of Paula Scher a bit of her own ideas about the creative process. This little canvas is a great addition to any work space or studio, and a good reminder that the process is just as important as the product.

25. As Little Design as Possible ($60): Dieter Rams’ book makes for a great coffee table piece to cuddle up with when it’s too cold to go outside.

26. Eames Chair Letterpress Cards ($23): How cute are these cards? Any designer or antiques collector would go gaga for this stationery set.

27. Andy Warhol Sunset ($17): Pop art is everywhere, and anyone who loves it will be all over this painting.

28. Bobble Water Bottle ($10): Fact: Water tastes better when it’s in a pretty bottle. Keep your artsy friend hydrated by giving them this bottle designed by Karim Rashid.

Ready to pick out a gift for your artsy pal? Let us know what you chose in the comments!