Got a PSL fix that can’t be tamed? Obsessed with eggnog lattes and the snowmen cookies at your local ‘bucks? Then make sure to put this insanely decadent Silver Starbucks card on your #want list. You probably don’t need it, but gosh damn, you’ll want it cause it’s so pretty.

The Silver Starbucks Card is only for the diehard Starbucks fan. Made with jewelry-quality Sterling Silver, this limited edition card is the first offered by the coffee giant that isn’t made from plastic. Oh, and also the first that actually COSTS MONEY, $150 to be exact. That’s right. You pay $200 total, and there’s $50 on the card. Hey, at least you get that pretty red gift box and bow with it?!

Considering the card has already sold out online, there must be people out there more coffee obsessed than even we are.

Tell us, would you splurge on this ultimate gift card? Tell us in the comments below how you’d use this to fuel your caffeine habit!

(Photos via Starbucks)