Even though dessert is amazing, there’s usually no room left in our stomachs after a delicious meal. Restaurants in Australia must have realized this problem because many are now serving dessert burgers, a hybrid dessert that combines savory ingredients including beef with sweets such as cookies and caramel sauce.

Dessert burgers

Muharam Cafe in Hawthorn, Melbourne, is serving up a brioche bun filled with a choice of dessert toppings including Mars bars, cookies and candy, the Daily Mail reports. Meanwhile, Cafe 51 in Melbourne is offering waffle burgers topped with beef, cheese, bacon, Nutella and candy. (You had us at Nutella and bacon, tbqh.) For a strictly sweet treat, you can try the Nutella burger at Demazzi Melbourne, which is filled with all things sugary including Nutella (of course), vanilla bean mascarpone cream cheese and strawberries. 

If you love sweet and savory desserts but won’t be in Australia any time soon to try these burgers, check out recipes including sweet and salty toffee graham bars and caramel apple cheddar chip blondies (made with Lay’s chips).

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(h/t Daily Mail, photo via @muharamcafe)