We’re all adults here. We all have jobs, lives, bills we pay (mostly on time). We’re grown up people and yet… there’s just something about Disney. On the inside we’re still fantasizing about IRL princess dresses or seeing if we can con our partners into naming our first born Ariel (even if it’s a boy). Combine Disney obsession with ’90s nostalgia and you have this video that kicks you right in the feels.

Youtube user Indrancole3 created this boss supercut of all the Disney movies made in the ’90s (though if you’re really gonna be that guy you can point out that The Little Mermaid actually came out in ’89). All our old buddies are there from our girl Pocahontas to Belle to Hercules to Stitch. Bask in the gorgeous 2D animation and all the epic music and be transported straight back to your childhood.

Happy Friday!

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