With live-action Disney flicks coming out left and right and Disney clothing collaborations popping up everywhere, it seems like Disney-spiration is taking hold in every part of our lives. Now with Halloween coming up, there’s no better time to embrace our Disney love. We love the idea of a DIY Halloween costume that uses everyday clothing, so we’re applying that strategy to some of our favorite Disney characters. Scroll on for easy looks that will help you put a little Disney-spiration into both your Halloween costume and your everyday wardrobe.

Easy Snow White Costume


1. Pleated Polka Dot Dress ($20): Be the fairest of them all with a statement bold lip and this adorable dress. Ideal for a more casual Snow White-inspired ensemble, this would also be a wonderful addition to any fall wardrobe.

Easy Ariel Costume


2. Sleeveless Medallion Slip ($68): Ariel’s wardrobe might not have consisted of much more then a seashell bra for the majority of The Little Mermaid, but we think even she’d approve of this emerald-hued piece.

Easy Sally Costume

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.30.12 PM copy

3. Estelle Plunging Dress ($48): The fabric for this stunning number just screams of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, making it a great choice for those looking to go as the classic character come All Hallows’ Eve.

Easy Megara Costume

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.11.19 PM copy

4. Tricks of the Trade Maxi Dress ($68): We adore this versatile Grecian-style gown, which can be styled several different ways using the fabric around the waist. So not only do you have your Meg costume down, but you’ve got several beautiful dresses in one!

Easy Jasmine Costume


5. White Noise Chiffon Jumpsuit ($301): Jasmine always knew how to rock a bold outfit, and now you can emulate her with this gorgeous seafoam jumpsuit. Finish it off with a Jasmine-inspired braid that is very much princess approved.

Easy Esmeralda Costume


6. Tatiana Beaded Swing Dress ($300): This flowy, colorful choice perfectly exemplifies the free-spirited personality of The Hunchback of Notre Dame‘s beautiful heroine. The jewel-toned hue also makes this a very on-trend frock for your fall style.


7. Wildest Dreams Lace Tunic ($148): Flowy sleeves and floral embroidery make this a stunning dress you can wear to your BFF’s halloween party and your next date night.

Easy Jane Costume


8. Military Swing Shirtdress ($148): Jane Porter might’ve been shipwrecked on an island, but you’ve got to admit the girl’s fashion game was strong. There’s no better way to nab her style than with this on-trend shirtdress.

Easy Belle Costume


9. Warehouse Lace Inset Chiffon Midi Dress ($80): The announcement of Emma Watson playing Belle in a real-life adaptation of the classic Disney flick has us all kinds of excited. Keep your summer brights in your fall palette with this stunner of a dress.

Easy Merida Costume

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.10.54 PM copy

10. Lovestruck Dark Green Velvet Dress ($41): Our favorite Scottish princess had the velvet-dress look down pat. Velvet is making waves in fashion this year, and you can try your hand at it with this stylish skater dress. Spice it up with some bouncy curls and rosy cheeks for a truly Brave style.

Easy Cinderella Costume


11. LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection Tulle Strapless Gown ($150): Lauren Conrad created an entire Disney-themed line, so it should come as no surprise that she has created the perfect Cinderella-inspired gown. While it might not be practical for daily life (unfortunately we have no woodland creatures to do our chores for us), it would be gorgeous to wear for any dinner party.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.50.00 PM copy

12. Save the Lace Dance Dress ($60): For a slightly more casual option, this floral number comes in Cinderella’s signature blue. Wth lots of girly florals and bows, it’s an amazing option to achieve her royal look.

Easy Elsa Costume


13. Long Dress With Chain Necklace ($70): From the color to the ethereal design, everything about this dress radiates Snow Queen. Pair it with a beautiful braid and you’ll be ready to belt out “Let It Go” at a moment’s notice.

Easy Anna Costume


14. Mesh-Trimmed Skater Dress ($15): While it might not be practical for the eternal winter of Frozen, your Halloween adventures probably aren’t taking place in snowbanks. Pair with some leggings or tights and braided pigtails, and you’re set!

Which of these Disney looks could you see yourself wearing this Halloween (and beyond)? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via Disney)