We certainly have the scoop on all the sweetest nursery mobiles ‘round these parts of the Internet. In fact, we love them so much we’ve even rounded up a handful for adults! But to help you make your baby’s dreamcatcher as personalized as possible, we’ve gone ahead and collected 19 of our favorite DIY versions. So get out your hot glue gun and vellum paper, and let’s get crafting.

1. Hot Air Balloon Mobile: Set your babe’s sights on new heights with this whimsical little set up. (via How Joyful)

2. Color Cloud Mobile: Springtime showers? It’ll be pouring exclusively rainbows in the nursery. (via The Bakers Online)

3. Vellum Paper Rainbow Mobile: The secret of this mobile’s beauty is the vellum paper, which lets just enough light through to make the colors really dance. (via Sucre and Confetti)

4. Paper Lantern Mobile: Go big for your little — with this paper lantern cluster. (via Live the Fancy Life)

5. Heart Mobile: Is anything as sweet as this pretty little jewel-toned mobile? (via Little Inspiration)

6. Paper Airplane Mobile: Is your kid too cool for pom poms and teddy bears? Then hook a baby up with this funky bike wheel and paper airplane configuration. (via Apartment Therapy)

7. Simple Circle Hoop Mobile: Simplicity triumphs once again. (via Decor and the Dog)

8. White Wire Circle Mobile: We love this crafty, modern take. (via Brycily)

9. Paper Crane Book Page Mobile: For the intellectual kiddo. (via Make Zine)

10. Mod Mobile: We love this black and white mobile for its unique sensibility. Perfect for a wee girl or a wee boy. (via Blue Eyed Freckle)

11. Butterfly Chandelier: Playful and delicate and sure to induce the sweetest of dreams. (via Michelle Brunner)

12. Sunny Bird Mobile: Bright and cheerful, this mobile is easy as pie to put together. (via The Love Bugs)

13. Gold Leaf Mobile: Perfectly suited for your little prince or princess. (via The Stroller Coaster)

14. Pom Pom Chandelier: Pom poms for days. (via Small for Big)

15. Sunshine and Rainbows Mobile: Get our your crochet hook. You have rainbows to attend to. (via Hannah and Aspen)

16. Cloud and Raindrop Mobile: This craft makes rainy days look adorable and stylish. (via Little Inspiration)

17. Bird Mobile: So sweet and lovely, you’ll want one for over your bed too. (via Spool Sewing)

18. Circle Cutout Mobile: Customize this mobile to match your nursery’s color scheme. (via Merely Mothers)

19. Cloud Mobile: Just dreamy. (via HGTV)

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