DIY projects are one of the best ways to unwind and let your creative juices flow, but I’m not going to lie — they can get pricey. Don’t let that stop you, though. We are here to tell you that you don’t need to spend a fortune to be a maker. In fact, we’re starting a brand new series on DIY Projects under $10! To kick it off, we’ve got a cactus Dopp kit that’s perfect for all your summertime travel plans. And here’s a bonus: The supplies for this DIY cost us $10 at our local craft store, but — bonus — you can make about three cactus makeup bags with what you get. (You would just need to buy two more zippers.) Read on for the how-to.



— 1/2 yard sparkly green vinyl ($5.25)

— 1/4 yard green cotton fabric ($2.75)

— googly eyes ($0.75)

— 9-inch zipper ($1.25)


— sewing machine

— sewing pins

— ruler

— box cutter and/or fabric scissors

— super glue

— marker

cactus pattern



1. Print out the cactus pattern and trace onto the green vinyl. Cut out the front and back pieces and the two cactus arms. Then cut out a long rectangle of cotton fabric that measures 30 x 3 inches.

2. Pin and sew the arms onto the front of one oval.

3. Pin the zipper face down onto the backside of the second oval, right down the middle. Sew around the zipper to attach it to the vinyl. Use your box cutter or scissors to cut a rectangle out of the vinyl to reveal the zipper.

4. Sew the green cotton fabric into a loop. Wrap and pin it around the edges of the oval to create the pouch. Once the pins are in place (attached to the sparkly side), slowly sew around the curved edges. Then sew the other oval, sparkly side in, to the other side of the green cotton fabric.

5. Turn the cactus right side out and use super glue to attach the googly eyes to the front of the bag.


Print and trace the cactus pattern onto the backside of the green shiny vinyl.


Pin the arms onto the front of the oval and sew onto the vinyl by making a small square.


Pin the zipper face down onto the backside of one of the vinyl ovals, right in the middle. Sew the two edges of the zipper onto the vinyl. Using the box cutter, cut a small rectangle to reveal the zipper. Finish off sewing the edges of the rectangle by stitching two small perpendicular lines at the end of the zipper.


Cut a strip of green canvas that measures 30 x 3 inches.


Sew the rectangle strip into a loop and pin to the edge of the oval with the sparkles facing up. You will need to make folds in the fabric to have it curve around the edges. We added in two folds per each rounded corner. Sew around the perimeter of the oval, then repeat by pinning the other oval on with the sparkles facing in and sewing around the perimeter.


Turn it right side out to reveal those cactus arms.


Grab some super glue or hot glue and attach two googly eyes.


I might be starting an obsession with googly eyes. They give everything a fresh look on life.


Pack your bag with all your beauty travel essentials — this little cactus will be able to hold them all!


I call this: Cactus Hugging Cactus.

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Chris Andre