Now that spring has sprung, we’re chowing down on seasonal produce, shopping the best spring style, and finding the right homes for all those pretty plants. Here are 41 DIY planters for all those spring flowers.

DIY Disco Ball Planters

1. DIY Disco Ball Planters: There ain’t no party like a pink disco ball party — especially when it’s filled with greenery! (via A Bubbly Life)

DIY Crystal Planters

2. DIY Crystal Planters: Purify your home with energy-filled geodes and customize your home vibes. We love integrating natural elements to create pretty things. Of quartz we do! (via Jojotastic)

DIY Vintage Tea Tin Planters

3. DIY Vintage Tea Tin Planters: Take your afternoon tea and then swap out the bags with soil for a creative twist on a planter. Just add water. (via Sisoo)

DIY Kintsugi Planters

4. DIY Kintsugi Planters: Give broken ceramics and pottery new life with this Japanese restoration technique. Gold filler makes these repaired pieces both useful and a gorgeous addition to your home decor. (via The Beauty Dojo)

DIY Crushed Tin Can Planters

5. DIY Crushed Tin Can Planters: Just give those old tin cans a good crushing and spray paint that sh*t gold. It really is the simple things in life. (via Pillar Box Blue)

Floppy Disk Planters

6. Floppy Disk Planters: We’ll start with an oldie but a goodie from the archive. These floppy disk planters are a great way to repurpose old tech. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Painted Pots Hanging on Fence

7. Painted Pots Hanging on Fence: Buy a bunch of potted plants, paint the pots, and nail ’em up on your fence. (via Apartment Therapy)

DIY Switch Plate Planters

8. Switch Plate Planters: We love the hacker look of this, though we’re not sure we have tons of extra switch plates lying around. (via Apartment Therapy)

DIY Hanging Garden Boots

9. Hanging Garden Boots: How adorable are these? Perfect for April showers and May flowers. (via Rosy Posy)

10. Painted Tire Planters: Loving all the color! (via Lemon Bean and Things)

11. Colander Planters: Colanders are actually kind of perfect planters since they let your plants breathe and drain. (via Bonnie Plants)

12. Aged Terra Cotta Pots: You can totally fake the antique look with a little help from dirt, spray paint stone, and moss. (via Imparting Grace)

13. Modern Paver Planters: You can use readymade stones for a path and turn them into planters. Win! (via Curbly)

14. Vertical Succulent Garden: The beauty of the vertical succulent garden will never get old. (via Luna-See)

15. Concrete Planters: We are particularly digging the sunburst-shaped planter — it almost looks like a coffee filter! (via Outdoor Theme)

16. Hanging Purse Garden: This one might be on the too-silly side of the coin. (via HGTV)

17. Paint Can Planters: Such great use of old paint cans. (via HGTV)

18. Miniature Shell Garden: These totally remind us of Marcel the Shell! (via Rad Megan)

19. Workspace Planter Set: No need for your desk? Turn it into a garden. (via HGTV)

20. Macrame Micro Planter: This planter is so adorable we almost want to wear it, especially with that sweet macrame hanger!! For more on how to make your macrame planters, head here. (via Etsy)

21. Book Planters: The more book planters, the merrier. (via Apartment Therapy)

22. Recycled Upside Down Planters: We love the idea of hanging tomato and herb plants for small apartments and homes. (via Design*Sponge)

23. Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden: This might be a better use of of those weird shoe organizers than using them for shoes. (via Instructables)

24. Chevron Wood Box: You had us at chevron. (via Stuff Seth Makes)

25. Textured Planters: The texture on these planters was created using wine corks. So cool. (via Design*Sponge)

26. Linen Milk Carton: Simply wrap linen around a milk carton and you’ve got this gorgeous rustic look. (Family Chic)

27. Paint-Dripped Earthenware: Love the Moroccan vibe of these paint-dripped pots. (via Ikea Blog)

28. Handmade Clay Houses: Making this is way easier than you think — be sure to click through to find out how. (via Say Yes)

29. Marbleized Planter: All you need is spray paint and water to make your own set of marbleized planters. (via Brit + Co.)

30. Neon Concrete Blocks: These would also double as great bookends.

31. Vertical Tie Planters: Can you say pocket tie?! :) (via ModCloth)

32. DIY Dino Planter: You *need* to make a herd of dinosaur planters for your patio. The cat won’t know what to think of them! (via Maggie Overby Studios)

33. DIY Paver Planter: This project unites cement, wood, and brass come so beautifully — and the planter doubles as a house number. (via Classy Clutter)

34. DIY Tropical Party Planters: Turn those dollar-aisle pouches into wall planters for your blooms. Your air plants are gonna love it. (via Blissmakes)

35. Dyed Popsicle Stick Planter: There needs to be more popsicle stick crafts in the world. This boho-inspired planter is full of personality. Get the kids to make one too while you’re at it! (via Jennifer Perkins)

36. DIY Monogram Planter: Keeping up with who? Let the neighbors know who’s setting the pace for the HOA this summer with this Pinterest-perfect front step scene. (via Remodelaholic)

37. DIY Polish Chandelier Planter: This DIY chandelier is super colorful, very tactile, and the prettiest piece you’ll make this season. (via The House That Lars Built)

38. DIY House Number Planter: Put your house number up high with this reimagined succulent planter. Restoration Hardware, eat your heart out. (via Sarah Hearts)

39. Easy Fabric Planter DIY: Turn all those old t-shirts and too-small shorts into unique planters. (via A Beautiful Mess)

40. DIY Mosaic Wall Planter: Dropped a box moving? We’ve got you covered. If not, hit the thrift store and pick your patterns. (via Pillar Box Blue)

41. DIY Copper Planters: These mid-century modern beauties are the ideal pairing for plants with height and lots of drama. (via Garvin and Co.)

Not up for making a planter? Then check out these 10 creative readymade planters, perfect for the avant gardener.

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