Grab a flare and run, Jeff Goldblum. Norwegian artist Markus Moestue has brought back a functional member of the Jurassic (or was it Cretaceous?) period and he didn’t even need any sap-imprisoned mosquitos to do it. This eccentric cyclist is cruising around on a chiseled beast of a ride — a dinosaur bike.

The creation of this moving sculpture is definitely a testament to the artist’s DIY skills, so we’ve got some serious respect (and awe) for this project. Using a kitchen knife (yep, the same kind you have in your drawer), Moestue sculpted the body and the head of the dinosaur separately using styrofoam.

He then covered that foam framework in epoxy glue, fiber glass and colorful paint, adding details like sharp teeth and dripping saliva. Then the pieces of the vicious creature were welded to the bicycle’s three pieces, which gave way to the amazing finished product.

Moestue built this quirky three(or five?)-wheeled contraption with a mission in mind. He told Designboom that the bike was originally used “for a trip across the Bible Belt in Norway. It was a protest against the dogmatic religious education of children. The idea originated from the theme parks of creationists that teach children that humans and dinosaurs used to live together.”

Now that the protest ride is complete, we’d like to request a lift.

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