What鈥檚 more epic than a dinosaur crashing your wedding Jurassic Park-style? A dino AND Jeff Goldblumcrashing your weddingJurassic Park-style, that鈥檚 what:

Maybe you don鈥檛 have a B-list celeb who can pose for your wedding outtakes, but that doesn鈥檛 mean you and your crew can鈥檛 pull together something viral. While we totally applaud the idea that a wedding is a serious commitment that two people enter into, we don鈥檛 think that means it has to be boring and traditional. Y鈥檃ll know we鈥檙e all about the DIY touches that make any celebration gorgeous and personal. But we鈥檙e also big fans of bringing some personality and humor into your keepsakes. TBH, we got over prom poses in high school. We love coming up with crazy + creative photo ideas, but we just have to follow them up with some ROTFL options. These will look way better adorning the mantle in your new home than any rigidly posed pic would.

1. The Bridesmaid Pose: Looks like these groomsmen are just as over traditional posing as we are. And they鈥檙e killing it with their gorgeous bouquets. (via Robb Davidson Photography)

2. Touchdown: Whether your guy used to be the star of his team or he鈥檚 struggling to hang on in his fantasy league, he鈥檒l appreciate injecting a dose of his (or your!) favorite sport into the special day. (via Mar铆a Velarde)

3. The Evolution of a Groom: You already knew you got the cream of the crop when it comes to your S.O.鈥檚 group of friends, but this photo is a cute and lol-worthy way to illustrate that fact to the world. (via Reddit)

4. Protectors of the Innocent: He鈥檚 the Superman to your Lois Lane, but it鈥檚 time to let that secret identity out of the bag. If one (or both) of you are big comic book fans, you can鈥檛 miss out on this photo op. (via Hoffer Photography Blog)

5. One of the Guys: You and he know you鈥檙e his best friend and partner-for-life, but his buddies may need some convincing. Go head-to-head and prove you鈥檒l be the last one standing in his heart. (via Igo Photography)

6. A Match Made in Heaven: Every bride wants to look beautiful for the Big Day, and we know you will. But this is also a great opportunity to prove you don鈥檛 take yourself too seriously and that you and the groom are seriously meant-to-be. (via Hoffer Photography Blog)

7. The Jumping Pic: This jumping pic is a classic for any occasion. Some fancy angling tricks can make this one look like you鈥檙e truly jumping over the bridal party, but we wouldn鈥檛 recommend *actually* jumping over them. (via Alex M Photography)

8. The Ring Pic: The groomsmen pics are killing it. (Come on, ladies! Let鈥檚 step it up!) This pic is so true-to-life we are starting a slow clap for this shot. (via Plum Tree Studios)

9. Cold Feet: We know your fianc茅 is just as excited to get hitched as you are鈥 and sometimes more so (Kanye, anyone?). But we鈥檙e okay with embodying traditional wedding stereotypes for the sake of a good chuckle. (via Flickr)

10. The Attack Pic: Attack pics are a hot new trend in wedding photography. We鈥檝e shown you Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park with Jeff Goldblum and now we have鈥 Star Wars AT-AT Walkers! (via Little Blue Lemon)

And the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! (via Buzzfeed and Katie + Chris Sabino)

11. Cocktail Hour: The fact that most wedding photo sessions happen during the cocktail hour means the b + g miss out on the alcohol they鈥檙e paying for. It鈥檚 a travesty we don鈥檛 quite have a solution for. Unless it鈥檚 using this photo op as an excuse to catch up to your guests. (via Miller + Miller)

12. Gamers: The couple who games together stays together. Strike this pose to recreate what you and hubby look like on a normal night in, or actually play a few minutes as a de-stressor and let your photographer capture you candidly. (via Real Weddings Mag)

13. Magic: We just can鈥檛. Sure it鈥檚 Photoshop, but can you imagine the look on your future kids鈥 faces when they see their parents doing magic? And that could totally be the Forbidden Forest. (via Michelle Chiu Photography)

What hilarious photo ops did you use in your wedding? Tweet us the pics @BritandCo and share your best with us below 鈥 you could make our next round up :)!