Ample closet space is hard to come by, and if you鈥檙e a big city girl, you know you鈥檙e lucky if you even聽have a closet. Whether you鈥檙e strapped for space or are just looking to fill an empty corner in your bedroom, it鈥檚 a shame to cram your best dresses or that new romper in a drawer. Bring your clothes out of the dark and into the light with one of these 15 DIY garment racks.

1.聽DIY Garment Rack: In one afternoon and a trip to the hardware store you鈥檒l be able to keep your favorite pieces right where you can see them with this simple rolling garment rack. Tip: If you buy your conduit pipe at a major home improvement store, they will cut and thread the pipe for you, making this a project even a novice DIYer can master. (via聽Smitten Studio)

2.聽Copper Clothing Rack: More often than not, we always reach for our favorite pair of聽jeans聽and that super comfy t-shirt when getting dressed. Bring your essentials out and you鈥檒l see which items are integral to your wardrobe and which ones are headed for Goodwill. (via聽SF Girl by Bay)

3.聽Branch Clothing Bar: Add an air of whimsy to any space with a rustic branch clothes bar. While this won鈥檛 hold a ton of clothes, it will display a few key favorites without overpowering the space. (via聽Project Nursery)

4. Corner Clothes Rack: Use this corner rack to simplify your morning routine. Set out a whole weeks worth of outfits, and you鈥檒l save yourself from running around looking for that top until you realize it鈥檚 in the dirty laundry and you鈥檙e late for work. (via Radical Possibility)

5. Floating Clothing Rack: If you鈥檙e already tight on space, the last thing you need is a big bulky armoire taking up more precious real estate. This simple DIY floating solution will give you the storage you need without making the room feel overcrowded. (via Love Aesthetics)

6.聽Shoe Cabinet: Make Carrie Bradshaw proud and put your prized possessions on display. These babies are too expensive and too beautiful to keep hidden in a closet. (via聽Solid Frog)

7. Clothing Headboard: Bright dresses, skirts and blouses give an otherwise colorless room just the right pop when hung behind the bed. If you鈥檙e going to invest so much in your聽wardrobe, you might as well get your money鈥檚 worth and have it double as decor. (via Decor 8)

8. Blanket Ladder: Have all your fluffiest blankets on hand whenever you need them. You never know when a movie night might strike! This would also work great with sweaters to avoid the dreaded hanger marks on the shoulders. (via Shanty 2 Chic)

9. Bookcase Closet: An IKEA bookshelf gets a facelift with a new tension rod and rearranged shelves. Use this in a nursery and adjust the clothing bar height as your little one鈥檚 clothes begin to take up more space. (via Smile and Wave)

10. Rope Wrapped Bar: Don鈥檛 you hate it when you pull a shirt out of your closet and it鈥檚 completely full of wrinkles? Now you can keep things on permanent press with this rope wrapped clothing bar. (via Apartment Therapy)

11. Plumping Pipe Rack: Lightweight yet sturdy, this leaning rack is as good looking as it is functional. And with no nails or screws, it鈥檚 easy to take apart and store away for unexpected house guests or impromptu dance parties. (via Love Aesthetics)

12. Ladder Garment Rack: Make sure your fashion sense is a step above the rest with this ladder turned clothing rack. Use the top as a shelf and store off-season items depending on what time of year it is. (via Living)

13.聽Gilded Clothes Rack: Take a standard DIY clothes rack to the next level with a can of聽gold聽spray paint. (via聽Style Me Pretty)

14.聽Copper and Concrete Clothes Rack: This garment rack is like the lace dress and leather jacket combination, tough yet feminine. The copper pipe keeps things light and dainty, while the聽concrete聽feet make the whole thing ultra modern. (via聽Funky Time)

15.聽Crown Molding Shoe Racks: Shoes are meant to be seen, and with crown molding racks, your favorite heels will look like little pairs of art on your walls. It鈥檒l look so good you might even be able to charge admission. No flash聽photography, please. (via聽Buzzfeed)

What鈥檚 your favorite way to display your wardrobe? Fill us in below!聽