We have been in full excitement mode over here at Brit + Co. since Brit announced she’s expecting! Now it’s twice as fun to see mobiles, night lights and sippy cups adorning the pages of our site, and you bet that we’ve got plenty of new mommy DIY in mind for the months to come! On that note, one trend that easily crosses over to the mini me world is the geometric look. You can play up the pattern in your nursery (that’s one hip baby!), or even bring the geo trend to the table with these so cool DIY chargers. We promise you won’t want to host another announcement party, baby shower or family gathering without these decorative plates dolling up your tablescape. But you definitely don’t have to be a new mom to take on this DIY. These chargers are that little something extra every special occasion tabletop needs.

 unfinished wood chargers
– acrylic paint

 – paint brush

– painter’s tape


1. Create your pattern with painter’s tape. Press down along the edges to make sure the colors don’t leak when you paint your shapes!

2. Paint within the lines of your pattern.

3. Let dry for two hours, then remove the tape.

First, you will create your pattern using painter’s tape. To ensure there are no spots that might bleed through, take your fingernail or a butter knife and run it along the edges of your pattern. We were feeling playful and mix-and-matched our patterns — you can do the same! No matter what shapes you pull, the technique doesn’t change.

Paint your plate making sure not to cross over into any areas that aren’t within the pattern. Use any paint colors you like! We used pink, mint + shimmery gold to doll up these wooden chargers.

Finally, let the paint dry for at least two hours, then carefully remove the painter’s tape and marvel at your beautiful designs! We like the unfinished look around here, but if that’s not your thing, you can spread modge podge on top of the painted wood to seal it — either way, you won’t ever be eating off of these decorative plates. Their sole purpose is to be a swooned at.

While some party hosts may think chargers are way passé, we’re big, big fans: They’re a time + money conscious way to make your table settings totally fly. We’d much rather invest in a single round of these customizable pieces than hoard multiple sets of bowls, plates and salad plates(!) when the time comes for a dining table switch up. Oh, and while we’re talking about keeping things chic + on the cheap, notice the gold painted plastic utensils? Just something else to do while you’re waiting for the paint on your plates to dry ;)

Do you use chargers in your place settings? What other DIY ways do you amp up your table setting for special occasions? Let us know in the comments below.