Not a fan of total darkness? We hear you. A nightlight is a great way to create a warm environment free of monsters when it’s time for bed. It also helps you not stab your foot with idle Lego pieces (done that) or turn on a loud musical toy as you step on its power button (done that too). These 11 cool nightlights are far from the dull eyesores you may remember growing up — cool enough that you may want to borrow some for around the house.

1. DIY Cloud Nightlight: A craft project that involves nothing more than wire and fairy lights? We are game, and so are the kiddos. The result is jaw-dropping beautiful. (via Nalle’s House)

2. Medium Fox Lampshade Kit ($50): Attention, woodland animal lovers! There is a kit on Etsy that can make all of your forest fantasies come true.

3. Good Night Lamp (price pending): Too cool – turn on the big lamp and the little ones will illuminate automatically. Designed with the idea of enabling families and teams to talk via light, they’re a pretty rad way to signal bedtime.

4. DIY Pegboard Nightlight: Want the home-sweet-home look right now? Make yourself a less high-tech version by using pegboard. (via Emily Henderson)

5. Animal Jar Nightlight ($43): With the flick of a switch, a little bulb shines the spotlight on a neon barnyard friend and gives off a soft, warm light to help little ones sleep tight.

6. Sleeping under the Stars Nightlight ($30): A very cool take on traditional nightlights, this rotating globe illuminates the stars and constellations.

7. Gummy Bear Lights ($28): No, don’t try to take a bite out of these fun guys! A little squeeze of their bellies will turn on a built-in LED that provides soft colored light. How sweet is that?

8. Vintage Odysseus the Unicorn Nightlight with Glitter ($1,275): This vintage nightlight will have you dreaming of rainbows and butterflies and, of course, unicorns.

9. DIY Gem Nightlight: Humble supplies (black card stock and colored vellum) create a stunning, too-easy-to-be-true nightlight that you’ll want to borrow for your next glam sleepover. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

10. Solar Glo Boy ($23): During the day, this little guy sleeps and charges up on the windowsill. Flip him over at night to wake him up and he’ll give off a nice comforting glow for up to 6 hours.

11. Jonathan Adler Elephant Nightlight ($99): We’re kicking up the chic factor in baby’s room a few notches with this Jonathan-Adler-approved ceramic nightlight. Inspired by its full-size lamp counterpart, this adorable elephant plugs into a power outlet to emit a soft light all night.

So what do you say, funny or sleek? Grown-up or kiddie-like? Tell us your nightlight style picks in the comments below.