The mission to find the right mobile for your little munchkin, it’s one of the trickiest decor decisions in a baby’s room. It’s right there, hanging from the ceiling, demanding almost as much attention as the nursery’s #1 resident. Not to mention, your baby has to stare at it… a lot. We’ve got you and your wee one covered with 10 gorgeous mobiles that you can buy. No bulky plastic contraptions or blaring melodies included.

1. Leather Triangle Mobile in Atticus ($65): Living in a hipster paradise? Bedecked with simple shapes and bright colors, this fab mobile is handmade using leather triangles.

2. Paper Crane Mobile ($49): Once your wild child hits the ripe old age of three and moves into the big-kid bed, you’ll want to repurpose this for your home office. The paper cranes are hand-folded and finished with ribbon, eyelets and buttons, and the birds sway softly with a little breeze.

3. Metallic Linen Mobiles ($159): Get ready to fall head over heels for these handmade mobiles from Snuggly Ugly. Metallic linen adds a rockin’ touch of sophistication to their sweet fairy tale style. Hang them from the wall or ceiling during the baby days, then detach and use for play as your child grows.

4. Whale Bamboo Mobile ($66): Have a whale of a time with the simple sleek lines in this laser-cut mobile, made with sustainably harvested bamboo and 100% wool felt accents.

5. Flensted Balloon 5 Mobile ($48): Another take on modern artful mobiles, Balloon 5 is designed by Finnish designer Christian Flensted. The colorful, simple shapes will have you and your babe dreaming of adventures around the world.

6. Zen Musical Mobile ($70): This adorable mobile will lull little ones off to sleep with sweet French melodies. J’adore!

7. Themis Mobile ($36): This MOMA-approved mobile celebrates the Museum’s own collection of mobiles (slightly larger, but mobiles nonetheless). Babies will love the contrasting colors and the gentle movement of the paper ornaments.

8. Woodland Creatures Mobile ($88): Cute overload alert: These handmade little guys are so lovely. You can choose your own set of creatures — porcupine and mushroom are a must, obviously. And here’s a little eco-friendly bonus for you: These plush little guys are created with felt that is made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles.

9. Pinwheels Mobile ($75): Your little one will be mesmerized watching these move. No breeze necessary. They gently spin thanks to the body heat that rises up from your little bundle. They mount easily from the ceiling, so you can adjust them upwards as baby grows.

10. Hot Air Balloons Mobile ($57): Boho babes love the color scheme of these little paper hot air balloons Each one hangs individually, so you can choose whatever arrangement your free-spirited self fancies.

Which mobile will you be gifting away? Let us know in the comments below.