NYE parties = NYE cocktails. First, there’s the toast, and then the mingling, games and photo booth carry you through the night and… whoops, you’ve lost yet another wine glass. It’s disconcerting if you’re a guest, but if you’re hosting, it’s annoying to have to wash three times the number of dirty cups. Skip an evening with your dishwasher and make sure everyone keeps tabs on their drink with these 10 DIY wine glass charms.

1. Photo Wine Charms: Give your guests the gift of their own face right there on their drink. Inexpensive lockets make adorable drink charms that totally double as gift favors when the party is over. (via Brit + Co)

2. Tassel Charms: Tassels are super easy to make, so even if you’re entertaining a horde, you’ll be good to go. Well, as long as everyone can remember their tassel color after a few drinks. (via Sugar and Charm)

3. DIY Chalkboard Wine Charms: Who doesn’t like to personalize things? With a few doodles, you can customize each drink charm for that lazy girl party theme. (via Inspired by This)

4. Star Labels: Perfect for a last-minute soiree, these slip-on stars only take minutes to cut out and hang. (via Craft and Creativity)

5. Washi Tape Labels: If you prefer stemless wine glasses, your guests can still keep track of their drinks. Just hand out Sharpies and washi tape and have them stick their names right on the glass. (via Jentertaining)

6. Photo Wine Glasses: Okay, technically this isn’t a charm, but it’s pretty much impossible to lose your drink when your face is right there on the bottom of it. Cheers to that. (via Brit + Co)

7. Clothespin Tags: Name tags fixed to glasses with clothespins double as place cards and drink charms. Just remember to re-clip the clothespin after each swig. (via Avec Ses 10 Ptits Doigts)

8. Salt Clay Tags: You probably already have everything you need to make these adorable tags, and they don’t have to be limited just to drinks. These make great jewelry or even gift tags if you’ve got a few birthdays coming up. (via Muffin Grayson)

9. Woodland Drink Charms: Cut shapes out of balsa wood or just pick up some toy animals at the dollar store and string them onto a wire ring. If you can punch a hole into it, you can call it a drink tag. (via Albion Gould)

10. Wine Glass Flags: Coordinate the color tags to go along with your NYE party theme with the almighty washi tape. Take it one step further and write names on the tags. (via How About Orange)

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