What’s the best way to commemorate your awesome New Year’s Eve bash in all its glory? With as many photos as possible, of course! A snazzy photo booth will call to all your friends, so you’ll be free to mingle while everyone snaps shots for you to review for years to come. The best photo booths come with only two accessories: a camera set up at just the right angle and an awesomely fun backdrop to add a little funk. We’ve got 16 easy DIYs you can make the day of your party — just hang on a blank wall, set up your camera and don’t forget to say cheese!


1. Gold Streamers, Balloons and a Countdown Clock: Go big or go home with this anything-goes backdrop. It’s equally fun for kids and adults alike, thanks to plenty of confetti and balloons. (via Project Nursery)


2. Balloons Galore: Of course, you could always forgo the sparkles and go all-out whimsical with plenty of colored balloons. A monochromatic scheme will keep things classy if you want to take that path instead. (via Snapden Photo Booths)


3. Colorful Paper Fans: Bring on the bright colors! We love this gorgeous paper fan DIY, which will quickly turn your party into a stylish rainbow room. (via You Are My Fav)


4. Florals Galore: This one may be a little tricky to do on your own, but if you’re fortunate to live in a place that’s warm for New Year’s Eve, consider making this DIY in a garden or outdoor space. (via Design Love Fest)


5. Five-Minute Insta-Booth: Five minutes is all it takes to DIY some awesome accessories and a totally glam backdrop. Then let the party get started and join in on the fun! (via Brit + Co)


6. Geometric Designs: Put your paper folding skills to the test with this funky DIY. (via Green Wedding Shoes)


7. Giant Sequins: What could be shinier than a wall made of sequins? This backdrop idea is simply awesome. (via Oh Happy Day)


8. Pom Poms: Grab a few handfuls of these fun cheer-bringers/streamers in corresponding pastel colors, then tack onto the wall for a crazy-fun backdrop. (via Smile Booth)


9. Star Garland: The stars in this garland are super easy to make and would be a great group project. String them up in loops of different sizes to create an impromptu photo booth. (via Oh Happy Day)


10. Balloon Letters: Spell out cheery messages like “Happy New Year” or “Celebrate!” using bright, colorful balloons. Bonus points for popping them at midnight! (via Wee Birdy)


11. Paper Flower Splash: Pick one color, like this bright pink, or go for a wintry mix of white and silver before scattering your creations all over your room. (via Lovely Indeed)


12. Marshmallow Streamers: We’re super jealous of the first person to ever come up with this idea. The only concern you may have with this super-cute look is if people start to snack on them! (via Green Wedding Shoes)


13. French Lounge: A comfy white couch is the perfect chaise lounge to feature in your photos. Pair it with giant, shiny crepe paper, and let folks get creative with their poses! (via 100 Layer Cakelet)


14. All That Glitters: What’s the perfect NYE look? We say glitter, glitter and yes, more glitter! (via The Every Girl)


15. Tinsel Letters: Grab that leftover tinsel from the tree and use it to spell out holiday messages. You can even use the same technique to mark the drink cart, appetizer tray and dinner buffet. (via A Subtle Revelry)


16. Curtain Call: The easiest solution to your New Year’s photo booth conundrum? Find a super sparkly curtain and hang it up. A few extra balloons on the floor won’t hurt either. (via Ruffled)

Which one of these backdrops would you strike a pose in? Tell us your favorite picks in the comments below!