With Halloween creeping up around the corner, it鈥檚 nearly time to whip out those wigs and capes. But if you鈥檙e looking to try something a little more simple this year (think back to last year鈥檚 super elaborate costume that took forever), why not try one of these amazing masks? We promise you鈥檒l still have a blast and look the part. And don鈥檛 worry about an entire night of bedazzling 鈥 these beauties are as easy to make as they are stunning.

1 zebra mask

1. Night Sky Mask: Our Beauty Editor Misty Spinney made all the right moves with this lovely work of art. Complete with eerie white branches and glittery bats, this mask is everything you need for a spooky night out. (via Brit + Co)

sugar skull mask

2. Sugar Skull Mask: All you need is some tulle, paper and fabric paint to create this lovely nod to Dia de los Muertos. The best part? You can customize it to your liking. Use any template you find or try it freehand. (via Handmade Charlotte)

3. Flowers for Feathers: When Halloween rolls around, so does the world of fantastical beasts. Swap out feathers for flower petals to create an instantly whimsical woodland creature. (via The聽Gnome鈥檚 Studio)


4. Lace Bunny Mask: How adorable are these bunny ears? This DIY spin on a Vogue-sque classic pairs a little bit of sweet with a little bit of spice. (via Make My Lemonade)

fox paper mask

5. Paper Fox Mask: What kind of fox are you? Be a bright and colorful one with this playful mask. (via Lucille Michielli)

6. Crochet Masquerade Mask: The crocheted look here is a cinch with this free pattern. All you need is a hook and some thread! (via The Darice Craft Blog)

felt bird masks

7. Bird Mask: If petals aren鈥檛 your thing, try this crepe paper option. Inspired by the elaborate masks worn in Venice鈥檚 annual carnival, these intricately detailed masks are sure to get the festivities started. (via Martha Stewart)

flower mask dos

8. Paper Flower Mask: Glitter + beads + paper flower = Glam. BAM. (via Brit + Co)

gold and black

9. Black and Gold: When in doubt, glitter it out! The gold, jester-like diamond patterns on this mask have us doing flips. (via The Flair Exchange)

Feather and gold

10. Feather It Out: Nothing completes a gilded mask like a mix of vibrantly hued feathers. Glue on some matching sequins, and voila! You鈥檝e got yourself the perfect mask for a night you鈥檒l never forget. (via YoungBird Blog)

fox patterned mask

11. Fabric Fox Mask: Here鈥檚 another foxy mask for those of you who are crafty with a needle. Pull together scraps of fabric and create a uniquely patterned animal mask. Don鈥檛 worry if it doesn鈥檛 match 鈥 this look is all about pattern blocking! (via Lucille Michieli)

gold and black mustache

12. Mysterious Mustached Mask: Hat, monocle and bowtie? You鈥檒l be all set with this quick-and-easy dapper look. (via Brit + Co)

13. Ice Queen: If Elsa from Frozen had a mask, this鈥檇 be it. Can you believe all you need is a hot glue gun and glitter to create this ethereal look? (via Fab Art DIY)

kitty mask black

14. Black Cat: Me-WOW. There鈥檚 no way this mask could be bad luck. (via Martha Stewart)

kitty mask pink

15. Kitty Mask: Let the girly kitty in you shine through with this stunning, rhinestone-studded mask. Sparkles FTW. (via Claire鈥檚)

sewn woodland creature masks

16. Woodland Creatures: If you鈥檝e ever had problems with masks not fitting right, here鈥檚 a solution: try using felt. They鈥檒l have a snug fit and give you that perfect homemade vibe from the stitched look. (via A Beautiful Mess)

pearl mask free people

17. Pearl Mask: Iridescent beads come together to create this gorgeous mask. Does this haunting beauty make anyone else want to lurk in the shadows and burst into opera about a girl named Christine? (via Free People Blog)

printable masks

18. Creatures of the Night: These printables are the perfect option for those of us pushing costume preparations until the night before. Plus, they鈥檙e adorably spooky! (via Mr. Printables)

white mask

19. Frosty White Bird Mask: We鈥檙e cuckoo for this glittered-out birdie look. All you鈥檒l need is some glitter, white felt and scissors to rock the look. (via Brit + Co)

DIY snapguide mask

20. White Flower Mask: You鈥檒l be the pinnacle of elegance with the simple white flowers and delicate lace trimming on this mask. (via Denise Hahn)

Which of these stunning masquerade creations will you be trying? Let us know!