Real Talk: My toes are ALWAYS cold. I’ll wear two pairs of socks and somehow, my toes will still be cold! So basically, this DIY idea came from 1. my feet always being cold 2. seeing the slippers my sister received from the holidays and then 3. finding the super cozy fabric that my sister’s slippers were made out of. These DIY slippers are pretty much just huge, cozy envelopes to keep your feet warm. They’re the perfect addition to any sweat pant outfit that is of course accompanied with snacks (maybe a boozy breakfast cocktail out of a disco ball travel mug) and hours of Netflix.


Materials and Tools:



  1. Trace one of your boots onto 1-inch foam. Cut out, flip over and trace again to get the right and left sole of your slippers.
  2. Trace your foam pieces onto your gripping fabric and your fuzzy fabric. Cut out and pin the fuzzy side and gripping side facing in. Sew around the edge, leaving about a two-inch opening.
  3. Turn the pieces right side out and then stuff the foam inside. Sew the opening closed using a sewing machine or hand stitching.
  4. Cut out two 15 x 12-inch rectangles from your fuzzy fabric. Fold the rectangle in half so the 15-inch sides match up and then sew about 7 inches down.
  5. Lay your fuzzy fabric over the top section of the boot and trace around to create a large toe curve.
  6. Pin the toe curve to the opening of the rectangle piece. Sew together.
  7. Pin the top section of the slipper to the sole and sew around the edge.
  8. Fold the top section down and sew to create a band for your shoelace. Cut two small holes, thread the shoelace through and then hold in place with a cord adjuster.

Grab one of your bulkier boots and trace onto one-inch foam. Leave about a quarter-inch buffer around the boot. Cut out, flip over and trace to get the other foot of the slipper.


Labeling right and left foot will help you keep track of your pieces, since there will be a lot. Place onto your gripping fabric and trace, leaving a half-inch boarder.


Trace your gripping fabric patterns onto your cozy fabric. Cut out and label.


Pin the gripping side and the fluffy sides facing inward and then sew around the slipper sole — leaving about a two-inch opening. Stuff your foam inside and then sew closed.


Time to create the top section of your boot. Cut out two rectangles that measure 15 x 12 inches. We wanted the fuzzy fabric to be on the inside and the outside, so we doubled up. Warning: This does make it a lot harder to sew. We resorted to hand stitching in places, because the machine would get caught in all the fuzz.


Lay your fabric over your boot and trace the toe curve. Cut out two.


In total, you should have two of each piece — duh, you’ve got two feet.


Note: This is how your two pieces will come together to form a boot.


Fold the rectangle piece in half so the two 15-inch lengths match up. Sew about seven inches down the 15-inch length.


Fold the toe piece in half and match the fold up with the end of your sewn line. Pin the edges of the toe piece to the un-sewn sides of the rectangle. Then sew to hold everything in place.


Pin the sole to the bottom of your boot form. Sew in place. Note: This was difficult, due to the amount of fuzzy layers. At times I used whip stitching to secure the bottom of the slipper in place.


Cozy house slippers almost complete!


Fold the top edge over and stitch to create a band. Cut two small holes in the first layer of fabric and thread a shoelace through the band. Add the cord adjuster to the shoe laces to help keep everything in place.


Time to get cozy! All the blankets are always welcome on my side of the bed.


Check out Jo-Ann Fabric for this super cozy material. You will not regret it.


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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Brittany Griffin

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