What鈥檚 the best part of summer? The parties, of course! Al fresco happy hours, BBQs, bonfires and pool parties are just a few of the endless event options that come with nice weather. And when it comes to fab summer fetes, the planning and prep are almost as fun as the event itself. After all, you get the best of all worlds: cooking, crafting, sampling the menu and cooling off in the pool with a cocktail as you enjoy the work you鈥檝e accomplished. Setting a stellar scene and getting your guests excited are two of the most important parts of a successful summer shindig, so get ready to punch up your part with one or some of these 22 sizzlin鈥 summer printables.

1. Lemonade Stand: Lemonade stands aren鈥檛 just for kiddos. DIY a flavored lemonade bar and decorate it with this cute sign. (via Hostess with the Mostess)

2. Sweet Summertime Popsicle: Lady A may have taught us that there鈥檚 nothing sweeter than summertime, but we鈥檒l take this cute popsicle print over American honey any day. (via Ciera Design Studio)

3. Compliment Bunting: Let your guests know just how much you appreciate their presence with this DIY bunting. After all, who doesn鈥檛 love a little confidence boost every now and then? (via How About Orange)

4. Ice Cream Gift Tags: We can think of so many uses for these cute little guys 鈥 use them as actual gift tags for birthdays and weddings, tie them around party favors or use them for place settings and incorporate them into your decor. (via Eat Drink Chic)

5. Summer Flower: We love the look of these flowers on the drink straws, but can鈥檛 wait to try the maker鈥檚 suggestion to string them up as garland and use them as cupcake toppers. (via Elli)

6. Summer Words: This printable is word association art. It鈥檚 also the best summer bucket list ever. (via This Southern Mom)

7. Popsicle Stationary: We鈥檙e all about pretty paper goods. Use this coordinating stationery set to announce your party, then carry the theme through to the end by serving matching popsicles for dessert. (via The TomKat Studio)

8. Cheers Coaster Set: Print out these darling two-toned coasters and put an international spin on your next happy hour. (via Design Love Fest)

9. Star Spangled Banner: Are you ready for the 4th of July? Declare your freedom to enjoy tasty cocktails with this printable come Independence Day. (via HMH Designs)

10. Summer Party Favors: Keep up with the the coordinating paper goods theme with matching signs and favor tags. (via My Fabuless Life)

11. Summer Party Invite: We love the bright colors of this invite set and would be so excited to share them with friends. (via You Are My Fave)

12. July 4th: This printable combines lots of our favorite things, like summer holiday cookouts, bunting and America. (via Hostess with the Mostess)

13. Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Wrappers: We never would have thought to create our own ice cream cone wrappers, but we were super happy to find that Design Eat Repeat did! Wrap your cone in a strawberry print and pretend your ice cream is just as healthy as fruit. (via Design Eat Repeat)

14. Festive Fruit Drink Labels: Maybe florals aren鈥檛 your thing, but you still love the idea of decking out your drinks. Attach these festive fruit labels for that perfect DIY lemonade bar. (via Eat Drink Chic)

15. S鈥檓ores Treat Bags: Summer is the best time of year to make s鈥檓ores. These treat bags make perfect party favors or s鈥檓ores kits at your bonfire. (via Write Click Scrapbook)

16. Summer Themed Party Invites: We have all of your invite needs covered鈥nd color-coded! Who needs a pick-your-own adventure book when you can use these to choose your own party? (via Somewhat Simple)

17. Ice Cream Social Invitation: We rarely refer to our modern get-togethers as socials, but we鈥檙e all for reviving that term. Especially when this cute invite and ice cream are involved. (via A Pair of Pears)

18. Fourth of July Sparklers Prints: Engage your guests in pyromaniac activities with holiday themed sparkler packs! (via Lil鈥 Luna)

19. Popsicle Party Invitation Template: Ombre, popsicles and BBQs. We鈥檙e diggin鈥 these craft invitations that could even be used as fans on a hot afternoon. (via Love vs. Design)

20. Popcorn Boxes: Popcorn is a healthy alternative to party desserts. And with adorable, colored containers likes these, none of your guests will be able to resist. (via Design Eat Repeat)

21. Sweet Summer Gift Tags: Not only can you wow your friends with these precious gift tags, but they coordinate with matching wrapping papers too. (via Lia Griffith)

22. Watermelon Ice Cream Cone Wrappers: The ice cream man will have nothing on you if you鈥檙e serving up frozen treats in these watermelon wrappers. (via Design Eat Repeat)

What kinds of parties are you planning this summer? Let us know how you鈥檒l use these great printables to help you plan and decorate in the comments below or on Facebook.