Terrarium DIY projects have been all the rage in 2015. The mix of plants and moss and other added trinkets gives our homes a fresh breath of nature. (I currently have this sand art terrarium on my desk and love looking at the gold glitter and colorful sand alongside the plants.) Today, we’re putting a new twist on the terrarium by adding its components to the top of a pinecone for the ultimate christmas ornament. It may be too heavy for your average tree, so we suggest hanging it from stocking hooks on your mantel. The mixture of stockings and pinecone terrariums will have all your guests in awe.


Materials and Tools:

— large pinecones

— two shades of moss

— succulents

— ribbon

— holiday extras — jingle bells, wooden tree figurine, small bows

— scissors

— hot glue gun



1. Attach a loop of ribbon to the bottom of the pine cone with hot glue.

2. Glue two different shades of moss around the ribbon.

3. Add succulents on top of the moss. Hide the root of the succulent within the pinecone.

4. Hot glue small holiday decor items to complete your pinecone terrarium.


For this tutorial, we will be working with the pinecone upside down. Hot glue a loop of ribbon to the bottom side of the pinecone.


Does anyone else wonder about craft moss? Do they just have large damp places where they grow it and then bag it? Anyways, glue on the moss around the ribbon :)


Buy some succulents, then completely uproot them from their home. I know that sounds bad, but it makes for a really cute terrarium pine cone ornament. Hot glue the base of the succulent to the pinecone and hide the root within the layers of the cone.


Hot glue your small holiday doodads to the front of the pinecone to finish off your terrarium.


Jingle bells and small bows are great additions.


We found these small wooden trees at Target and are loving the look they add to all of our styling needs.


Pops of pink, gold and succulents? What more could a girl want?!


These terrariums won’t last forever, but they’ll sure bring you joy this holiday season.

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