It’s no secret that copper-ish hues and rose gold jewelry are having a moment right now. And there is definitely a reason why the design world has fallen in love with that rosy glow: Metals add a timeless, stylish accent to any color palette + copper home decor really does brighten up your space. I personally have had my eyes set on these $150 ModCloth headphones for a while now. So when I found these plain white headphones after spring cleaning my workspace last week, I had a flash of genius. I realized I could definitely DIY them for a fraction of the cost!

Final (1)

Follow the tutorial below and update your old headphones with this easy DIY copycat.

Materials and Tools:

— white headphones

— masking tape

— rose gold spray paint

Step (2)


1. Place tape over any area that you want to leave white.

2. Protect your surface, then spray paint the exposed area.

3. Once the paint is completely dry, gently take off the tape.

step 2

First use the tape to mask any area that you want to leave white, like the top of the headphones and the cord. Then protect your surface, shake your spray paint for a while and paint a thin layer with your copper shade. Let dry and repeat if you need to. Lastly, remove the tape and you’re done!

Final (3)
Final (6)

Putting these headphones on and playing my fave Spotify playlist really helps me to be crazy productive while working from home!

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