DIY These No-Sew Ugly Sweater Slipper Socks for Christmas
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DIY These No-Sew Ugly Sweater Slipper Socks for Christmas

This time of year usually involves some Christmas prep like decking the halls. But before you put away the leftover tinsel, ribbons and shiny bows, we’ve got a DIY that will knock your socks off! These DIY ugly sweater slipper socks are festive AND cozy. Slipper socks may sound complicated, but they’re actually easy to make and make a great last-minute gift idea. So let’s get into the Christmas spirit and get making!

Materials + Tools:

  • socks
  • fabric glue
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • faux leather or suede fabric
  • cardboard
  • pencil
  • hot glue gun
  • Christmas decorative accessories


  1. Place your right foot on your cardboard and using a pencil, trace the outline. Cut the outline with scissors and repeat for the left foot.
  2. Now we’ll use our cardboard template to create a sole for our slipper. Hold the cardboard against your fabric and cut around the outline.
  3. To attach the soles, insert the cardboard outline into your sock.
  4. Brush fabric glue onto the bottom of the sock and attach the leather sole. Use your fingers to smooth the edges down gently.
  5. Finally, use a glue gun to add some “ugly sweater” style Christmas accessories to your new slipper socks.

Use the cardboard template you made to easily create fabric soles for your slippers.

You can use fabric glue in a pinch instead of a sewing machine. Easy peasy!

Gift wrap and holiday accessories make these slippers shine.

‘Tis the season for warm and festive slipper socks.

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