After dancing and partying the night away, your wedding guests are going to be hungry — no matter how good that buffet was. So send them home with a smile on their face and a midnight snack to satisfy their munchies. You’ll fall so in love with these these edible DIY favors that they’ll make you want to say “I do!” all over again with each bite.

1. DIY Fleur de Sal Caramel Wedding Favor Packages ($310 for 100): We can’t decide what’s sweeter — the simple, chic packaging or the salty caramels. Either way, your guests will go home with a satisfied sweet tooth!

2. Champagne on Ice: If they’re not ready for the party to stop, send them off with a bottle to pop. Just make sure they have a designated driver if they’ll be sipping these bubbles before they get home. (via Colin Cowie Weddings)

3. Pie Pops: You can have your cake, and eat pie, too, because round two of dessert is on its way out the door. Everything tastes better on a stick, especially pie-to-go. (via Artfully Wed)

4. Jam Jars: This is one you can buy or DIY. Make your own jam or just add a tag to ready-made jars of jam with a sweet label. Try “spread the love” or “jam packed with love.” (via Elizabeth Anne Designs)

5. Great Grits: Are you a Southern belle marrying your dashing Southern gentleman? Then give your wedding guests a true taste of the South with bags of grits. They’ll love that your wedding came with breakfast for the next morning. (via Tres Sugar)

6. Limoncello: Pucker up! This is one sweet — and tart — treat. Give your party-goers an aperitif with airplane-sized bottles of limoncello. Or fill bottles with your and your honey’s favorite drink. (via The Knot)

7. Infused Sugars: Consider this the gift that keeps on giving. Put out jars of floral, citrus and herb-infused sugars on a table and let guests pick the flavor that inspires them most for whipping up batches of tea or yummy treats. (via Craft Gossip)

8. Lemon Sun Tea: Sure, there’s nothing much inside these bottles. But when guests look again they’ll see all the ingredients and instructions needed for a fresh batch of sweet and citrusy sun tea. (via Brides)

9. Mason Jar Puddings: Fill mason jars with pudding parfaits in your favorite flavors — from roasted almonds to peanut butter cups. The layers of custard, candy and nuts will look super appealing on the favor table. (via Wedding Window)

10. Personal Pies: If you’re not a cake person, go for pie and send your family and friends home with extras packaged in parchment-paper-lined berry boxes. (via Brides)

11. Candied Pecans: Airplane peanuts be damned. When your guests take off from your wedding, they’ll have something much sweeter to munch on. (via Fab Mood)

12. Love Spices: Love is the spice of life so give your own special blend to the ones you love most. Make your own jars and labels and fill them with BBQ rubs, taco spices or dessert enhancers. (via It’s a Brides Life)

13. Gum Ball Machines: This favor is double trouble: Gum chomping goodness in cute, retro bubble gum machines that your guests can keep at home or on their desks. (via Off Beat Bride)

14. Homemade Cookies: Set up a cookie bar of fresh, homemade cookies. Then let guests fill up these adorable free printable cookie sleeves to take on the road. (via Delovely Affair)

15. French Macarons: This classy dessert will go beautifully with an elegant wedding. Box up the airy cookies for a sweet treat when everyone’s ready to rest their feet. (via Burnetts Boards)

16. Olive Oils: If you and yours share a passion for cooking, this is a favor you’re going to love! Olive oil bottles, with sweet heart labels, will inspire everyone to whip up a new recipe — and hopefully invite the newlyweds over to taste test. (via Brides)

17. Party Popcorn: Everyone’s favorite snack turns out to make one heck of a party favor. Jar up some fresh corn kernels for popping with fun new Mr. + Mrs. gift tags. (via Ever Mine)

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