Fall means layers, and layers mean closet space. The problem? Your closet is already overstuffed, or your apartment doesn’t have a closet. Heaven forbid if you have to add one more piece of clothing. When storage is tight, life can be tough. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with these DIY closet options. Scroll on for 23 DIY ways to add open storage solutions for your wardrobe.


1. Chic Heel Bookcase: This blogger’s home office is one of the most pinned photos on Pinterest. Your biggest battle will be trying to decide whether to color code or organize them by heel height… (via Hello Fashion Blog)


2. Dressing Up Shelves: If a traditional bookshelf is not your cup of tea, then perhaps these floating shelves will woo you. You can store your shoes, accessories or even sleek jewelry accents. (via Style MBA)


3. Style Showoff: Storage for your clothes doesn’t mean they have to be hidden in a closet or drawer. Take this entrepreneur for example. Clothing is part of her work, so working surrounded by her wardrobe helps her stay organized and inspired. If you’re considering this type of clothing storage solution, make sure you put your best pieces on display. (via The Every Girl)


4. DIY Wooden Dowel Coat Rack: It’s pretty hard to refuse a project as cute, easy and affordable as this one. You can add a coatrack to just about any place in your home. Go with the traditional route in your entryway or put this bad boy in your bedroom. (via Style by Emily Henderson)

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5. Entryway Makeover: You can give your entry a refresh with little to no effort. This wall storage rack is a smart space to put your over-stuffed sweaters and coats. (via Oh Happy Day)


6. Shoe Cubby: Keep your shoes organized in a stylish cubby. Put this in your entryway or your closet — either way, it makes the perfect storage solution for your favorite heels and booties. (via Leroy Martin)


7. Functional Space: If you want a place where you can store your key accessories, this practical inspo is for you. Put an open bookshelf in your bedroom to store your favorite handbags, shoes and accessories. (via The Sweetest Thing)


8. Curtain Separator: A curtain separator will add length to your room with floor-to-ceiling drapes. Fall-inspired dresses, skirts and blouses give an otherwise colorless room just the right pop when hung behind the bed. If you have enough space for a storage solution like this, add lighting fixtures and a jewelry vanity. (via IKEA)


9. Levels of Rooms: By creating various levels in your space, you can create the illusion of separate rooms. This inspo uses the space under a bed riser as extra storage. (via Art Manias)


10. DIY Trellis Clothes Rack: The best thing about this wall rack is that it can virtually fit anywhere in your home. Try making this visible in your entryway or put it in one of your empty spaces, like behind your bedroom door. (via Fall for DIY)


11. DIY Clothing Rack: If you’re looking for a stylish and minimalistic clothing rack, you’ve found it. Made of sturdy copper, this chic clothing rack is just what you need in your guest room or foyer. (via My Life Box Blog)


12. DIY Garment Rack: If you have a severe lack of closet space, this DIY garment rack is for you. Plan out your weekly outfits and display them on this rack for a speedy morning routine. Your colorful fall wardrobe is the perfect stand-in for any missing artwork. (via Sarah Sherman Samuel)


13. Gilded Clothing Rack: You no longer need an excuse to put your prettiest pieces on display. This easy-to-build clothing rack is just what you need to show off that new Chanel bag and Gucci sweater. (via Style Me Pretty)


14. Stylish Racks: You’ll no longer have to worry about tripping over all those shoes. Add a multi-purpose rack to your entryway to organize your belongings. (via Kmart)


15. DIY Industrial Copper & Concrete Clothes Rack: Industrial design pieces like this are pretty attractive. A rack like this should be used not just for clothing, but for your everyday accessories too. (via Shelterness)


16. DIY Coat Rack: Get inspired by this cute catch-all clothing rack. Keep your household organized by putting this in your entryway or bedroom. (via Weekday Carnival)


17. Stylish Open Closet: If you love open-space storage options, pick pieces that are sure to complement each other for a more cohesive look. Use an open closet to store clothing, pet accessories or even work items. (via Le Fashion)


18. Hanging Clothes Rail: Save floor space and add a hanging clothing rack to your ceiling. This super stylish setup is V inexpensive and easy to make (with a quick Google translate on the tutorial). (via VT Wonen)


19. Bedroom Makeover: Get inspired by this makeover and create your own Pinterest-worthy bedroom closet. Add decorative pieces to your room like a stylish rug, multi-dresser storage options and urban lighting fixtures. (via Avenue Lifestyle)


20. Corner Closet: This stylish and organized inspo will have you creating your own personal corner closet in no time. Add a corner closet to your bedroom by including wall racks, shelving solutions and a dresser or two. (via My Scandinavian Home)


21. DIY Ladder Wardrobe: Save money and give purpose to an old ladder, to help house your wardrobe accessories. This DIY is perfect for those of you who love to upcycle and know your way around a power tool. (via A Pair and a Spare)


22. 15-Minute Clothing Rack: The easiest way to upgrade your hallway or bedroom is a clothing rack that you can make in less than 20 minutes. Bring out your essentials and you’ll see which items are integral to your wardrobe each morning. (via DaWanda)


23. DIY Accessory Ladder: This chic and modern accessory ladder can be perfect for any room in your home. Plus, since it’s a DIY, you can style it in any color you want — like black or neon pink. (via Poppy Talk)

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