Remember how much fun it was when Valentine’s Day prep meant taking to the craft table? Okay, okay, for lots of us, the bygone era of Elmer’s glue and lace doilies is but a distant memory, right in there with cafeteria chicken nuggets and pencil pouches. But we know you haven’t outgrown your love of V Day cards with handmade flair, and you *already* know we have a few ideas of our own to share. This year, pull out your craft supplies, break out the Valentine’s Day cocktails and get old-school with the B+C Shop for a Valentine-making party. To the craft table!


1. Modern Scrapbooking Online Class + Kit ($49): After declaring your love for #bae in a gushing Insta post, take it a step further and print that photo + a few others you’ve snapped together and turn them into a photo collage! Our class shows you oodles of tips and tricks.


2. Calligraphy Wall Art Kit ($50): Not a wordsmith? Learn calligraphy. It instantly makes whatever you’re saying look 10x more romantic.


3. Washi Tape ($23): The beauty of Washi is that crafting with it can be as easy or challenging as you want it to be. This book is chock-full of ideas for cards, stationery and beyond to scratch your itch for stick-on magic!


4. Carve-a-Stamp Kit ($30): Carve your adorable designs into stamps that you can use again and again!


5. Tiny Heart Stamp ($10): This was made for the girl who still dots her i’s with hearts. This stamp is a sweet way to end a letter or seal an envelope.


6. Sweet Talk Pen Set ($14): Love letters flow right out of these pens. Tell your boo all those sweet things you’ve been meaning to say in your own handwriting.


7. Custom Stationery Online Class + Kit ($80): Get those red and pink watercolors ready: You’ve got a stationery suite to make. In this class, you’ll learn how to paint watercolor notecards, work through dip-dying techniques, create envelope linings and try your hand at heat embossing.


8. Olive Juice Card ($5): To some, DIY means “hey, it’s not an email.” This punny one definitely one-ups any old drugstore-aisle card. If you’re having a hard time coming out and saying “I love you,” this could be a way to test the waters. Ya never know.


9. Cat Lady Card ($5): Yet. Your favorite up-and-coming cat lady will appreciate this one, as long as she has a good sense of humor.


10. Intro to Adobe Illustrator Online Class ($39): Digital DIY can be uncharted territory, but our online class makes it easy to design gorgeous printable cards. It’s a one-and-done!


11. Handmade Stamp ($20): Don’t let all that hard work go unnoticed! How fun would it be to hand-deliver your letters, customized with this stamp on the envelope?

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