We are used to geeking out over new 3D printing innovations around here, but when we saw this on Instagram this week we melted just a little. Over at Alt Summit SLC, 3D printing company White Clouds showed off the cutest concept we’ve seen yet: taking a child’s 2D crayon drawing and turning it into a sculpture IRL.

…Sorry, our hearts just exploded with love and all that’s good in the world.

While you can print just about anything these days, there’s something a little extra magical about bringing a child’s doodle to life. We suspect even the most jaded iPad-toting tot will be impressed.

There are a couple companies that offer up their sketch-to-sculpture services now: South Carolina-based Doodlesculpt charges $99 for a 4” sculpture, while White Clouds’ creations range from $30 (a truck or car) to $60 (a family plaque or landscape) depending on your mini Michelangelo’s masterpiece.

Anyone else thinking what we’re thinking? Sculptures of our cutest crayon creations for the best Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts ever?! Nostalgia, for the win every time!

Which of your kids’ pics would you print out? And how much longer ’til our kids are 3D printing whizzes too?