To those of you who are headed off to college in a few weeks, there are oh-so-many things to be excited about. New friends, so much knowledge and, oh yeah, independence (well, you know, kind of). But one thing that can get old quick is cafeteria food. One can only eat mystery meat so many times, amiright? When you really can’t eat a hamburger for dinner again, use these handy kitchen gadgets to turn your dorm into a gourmet kitchen – by college standards anyway.

1. Bodum Electric Kettle ($25): Whether you’re using the hot water to chow down on a pack of ramen or you’re making some tea to keep that study sesh going, this mini kettle will make hot water in no time.

2. Magic Bullet Blender ($40): Need something you can take with you to that 8AM class? Throw some milk and fruit into this and take it with you to your lecture.

3. 3-in-1 Breakfast Station ($37): Thought you’d only be able to eat cereal in your dorm? Think again. This sweet gadget makes toast, eggs and coffee all at the same time.

4. Enclosed Pizza Maker ($50): Forget taco Tuesdays — make the highlight of everyone’s week pizza night at your place with this enclosed personal pizza oven.

5. On-the-Go Cereal Container ($6): If you don’t have time to eat your morning bowl of cereal in the cafeteria, bring this on-the-go container to take it to class with you.

6. Dinnerware Set ($25): Because you can only eat off paper plates for so long.

7. Microwave Steamer ($20): Make deluxe, healthy meals all in this BPA-free microwave steamer.

8. Eraser Board Fridge ($109): If you’re going to get a mini fridge, it might as well be a mini fridge you can write on, right?

9. Kitchenaid 17-Piece Tool Set ($32): For a complete starter kit, grab this set that includes everything from measuring cups to a can opener.

10. Waffle Iron ($20): Make no mistake; waffle makers are not just for making waffles. Whether you’re craving a cheeseburger or warm cinnamon rolls, a waffle maker can help you create tons of different meals. Check out these recipes made using the appliance for more inspiration.

What dorm gadget are you most excited to use this year? Share with us in the comments below.