College life usually means that most of your money will be spent on textbooks (and fun reads) that weigh more than you and a ramen dinner or two. But just because money is a little tight doesn’t mean you have to settle for a “no decor” policy in your dorm room. Adding some homey touches will make those all-nighters a little more bearable and keep those moments of homesickness at bay. From desk decor to cozy pillows, these 24 DIY projects will give you the chicest room on campus. But beware; making your dorm feel like home will mean everyone is going to want to crash at your pad.

1. Desk Organization: Hack a set of IKEA drawers with some paint and tape. It’s quick, simple and super cool — our favorite kind of DIY. (via Brit + Co)

2. Cork Board Blocks: Decorate your desk with some photos of home and your friends and family. If you’re not allowed to hang a cork board, DIY these cool cubes out of wooden blocks. (via Trashy Crafter)

3. Geometric Clock: Lose that ugly wall clock that came with your dorm room and make your own super-pretty timekeeper. Although we wouldn’t ditch that alarm clock, you know, just in case. (via Proper)

4. Motivational Printable: Motivational posters can be a bit patronizing, but this free printable is just the right amount of inspiring. Prop it up on your desk in a pretty frame and remember to take all those deadlines in stride. (via Gold Standard Workshop)

5. DIY Dino Planter: An air plant is the perfect dorm accessory because it requires zero attention. Skip the boring old pot and make this fun and inexpensive dino planter that’s sure to liven up your dorm room. (via Brit + Co)

6. Clay Cactus Ring Holder: What little thing reminds you the most of home? Maybe you come from somewhere with cacti? Either way, this ring holder will help keep your rings together so your roomie doesn’t accidentally “borrow” them. (via Revamperate)

7. Framed Paper Succulents: You can always count on indoor plants to make a room feel more homey, but you can’t always count on college life to be the best atmosphere for keeping plants alive. DIY a frame full of paper succulents to give the same look — no water required. (via The Crafted Sparrow)

8. Magnetic Planter: Do you have a mini fridge? Or maybe an ugly pipe running through your dorm room? Make these cute magnetic planters and cover up those spaces with vibrant greenery. (via Blitsy)

9. Floor Pillows: Leave the bean bags for the other dorm rooms and make a stylish lounging pit with these huge DIY floor pillows. (via Brit + Co)

10. Diamond Storage: Keep your desk supplies neatly organized and very stylish with these easy and inexpensive DIY cardboard diamonds. (via The Crafted Sparrow)

11. Hanging Copper Planter: Floor space is hard to come by in dorm rooms, so take things vertical with an IKEA hack. You’ll have the trendiest room on campus with the copper piping, and no one will know it only took you a couple minutes to make. (via A Bubbly Life)

12. Canopy Bed: Hanging a canopy over your bed isn’t just for aesthetics — it also provides you a little more privacy in a shared dorm room. But who are we kidding, you can totally pretend you’re on safari too. With a basket and a pair of ready-made curtains, this project should only cost about $20. (via Refinery 29)

13. Marquee Light: Instead of hanging string lights like every other room, take your twinkling to the next level with a DIY marquee light. Now what to have it say? “Study”? Nah… (via Brit + Co)

14. Washi Tape Clock: While you’re at IKEA stocking up on bedding and desk supplies, grab a $3 clock and make one of these beauties. (via Tell Love and Chocolate)

15. Faux Granite Bookends: Prop up that impressive reading list with some stylish “granite” bookends. You can even hollow them out to make planter bookends for your succulents. (via Make and Tell)

16. DIY Floating Nightstand: No room for a bedside table? No worries, DIY a simple one that has everything you need: a place for your phone and charger. This is a cool way to show off that new alarm clock app you just downloaded. (via The Merry Thought)

17. DIY Rug: The floor situation in a dorm room can be pretty dismal. Brighten things up with a huge rug that won’t cost you much and you get to pick out the coolest pattern ever. (via Brit + Co)

18. Pillow Pet: Missing your furry BFF back home? Iron-on transfer paper always makes for a win, especially when it comes to photos of your pooch. (via Plaid Online)

19. Geo Wood Magnet: Hang up photos of friends old and new with these cheery geometric shapes. You can never have too many printed photos. (via Tell Love and Chocolate)

20. Instagram Photo Box: College is going to give you lots of new Insta-memories, so why not print off a few and store them in a cool DIY box? This would also make a pretty gift for your new besties at the end of the year. (via Damask Love)

21. Geometric Pencil Holder: Here’s a DIY project that can add a bit of color to your desktop. You’ll love the unique shape, and you can leave the clay natural or paint it a bright color. (via Lines Across)

22. Desk Makeover: If you brought your own desk with you to college, dress it up with a bit of color to make your space feel a little more “you.” You’ll have the chicest desk on campus with just a few bits of paint. (via My Sister’s Suitcase)

23. DIY Photo Notepads: Keep your loved ones “on hand” so to speak with these notepads. Having a photo of your ‘rents on your to-do list might just motivate you to get stuff done. (via A Beautiful Mess)

24. DIY Easel Calendar: Keep your priorities straight with a mini square desk calendar. Obviously square is the new hip, didn’t you know? We suggest making your own calendar pages while you’re at it. (via Damask Love)

What other ways do you make your dorm feel a little more homey? Talk to us in the comments below!