Aaaand they have a name! Ladies and gents, introducing DraLo. That’s right, Drake and JLo have been heating things up once more (though not everyone is happy about it), and have now earned themselves a coveted Hollywood nick-name. All it took was some over-the-top, social media-worthy behavior. We’re talking about dancing, kissing and, er, grinding, and we have all the videos for your viewing pleasure.

Attending a prom-themed bash in the early hours this morning (yeah, they party hard while we’re fast asleep in our cozy beds), plenty of attendees captured pics and vids of the action. When Drake and Jennifer Lopez were named Prom King and Queen (natch), things were set on fiyah!

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We even got to hear a snippet of what may in fact be their new song together…

Looks like it was quite the party…

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(h/t Elite Daily)