Drink Cans of Wine While Traveling and Get PAID for It With This Dream Job
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Drink Cans of Wine While Traveling and Get PAID for It With This Dream Job

Your definition of a dream job may differ from your bestie’s, but we’re willing to bet that plenty of people would love a gig that involves watching Netflix all dayhanging out with the royals and tweeting about it, or even being Kate Middleton’s personal assistant. However, if your interest was piqued by the position which required a worker to travel and drink beer, you’ll also want to know about this new dream job which will pay you to take a trip across the country while drinking wine.

If you’re already running for your resumé, here are the deets: Oregon-based Union Wine Co. is looking for that certain someone to join their road trip events team while spending the summer traveling from coast to coast in a mobile wine bar. Yes, this is totally real.

But this isn’t just any wine. We’re talking about CANS of wine. That’s why the official title of the position is a Canbassador (i.e. can + ambassador). Scheduled to make pit stops at some of summer’s best music festivals, store openings, and outdoor events, the brand is searching for someone “to promote the wonderful Oregon wines we’re so proud of, including the much-loved Underwood Wine in a Can.”

Does that sound like you or someone you know? If so, then head over to Union Wine Co.’s Canbassador page for all of the details and be sure to email a cover letter and resumé to jobs@unionwinecompany.com by May 7, 2017.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan; photos via David Silverman/Getty)