Ladies, ladies, ladies (and gents), we have an extremely important announcement to make. If you have ever avoided taking your bike out because you know you’ll have to carry it back up the stairs of your walkup apartment, have no fear. There is finally a solution.

We can’t believe it’s taken so long for someone to come up with this seemingly simple fix. It’s called Bike Lift&Carry and it’s an attachable strap that makes your bike as easy to lift as a shoulder bag. Okay, maybe as easy as a giant metal shoulder bag that weighs 10 pounds, but still, it’s an improvement over lugging your bike up several flights, struggling in vain to avoid scuffing your beautiful walls.

The genius of this invention is you only attach it to your bike once, unlike some other gadgets. Then you just pull the strap from the dispenser, wrap around the handlebars, and lift your bike over your shoulder to carry it. Done carrying? Undo the strap. Yup, it’s that easy.

A feature we love even more is that the strap comes in all kinds of colors, giving you the option to customize your strap for your bike. Functional and cute? We are totally in, 100 percent.

Folks, if you love your bike, but hate lugging it around, we highly suggest you help these guys out on Kickstarter. And we know you’ll love the fact that the idea came from a concerned husband who wanted to make his wife’s commute easier. Yup, true love lead to the invention that will vastly improve your biking experience.

Yay love!

Would you use this on your bike? Or do you think it’s easier just to go ahead and carry it up those stairs? Let us know below!