“Durr” might sound like a word you swear Kimmy Gibbler invented to convince you that you’re totally missing the point, Deej — but that’s about to change. From here on out, Durr is a beautiful watch that’s missing one usually important thing. A face.

Instead, this simply designed watch tells time by telling you how much time has passed. It shivers every five minutes in a social-fashion-design-art experiment that explores our sense of time perception.

While waiting in line for 45 minutes at the DMV to get your license renewed might feel like an eternity, the catch-up session with friends you haven’t brunched with in forever might go by in the blink of an eye, making you late for whatever you scheduled after.

The watches are handmade in Oslo by Norwegian design collective skrekkøgle who set the five minute shiver after testing out a range of different time periods that were all either too short or too long. They say that Durr makes you aware of how five minutes feels to you in different situations. Yes, the anguish behind “are we there yet?” and “I don’t wanna go to bed” from our childhood never really went away, now did it?

The first 50 unisex bracelets were crafted in colors Asphalt, Banana Yellow, Fjord Blue, Cooked Salmon and Frosty Green and handmade down to the hand-soldered electronic innards by the skrekkøgle team, who gives an in depth rundown of the process on their blog.

Durr is all sold out for now (DailyMail priced it at £75, or about $129 USD), but you can sign up to be in line for the second batch here. Even though you might have to prepare yourself to wait for, well, what might seem like forEVER to get your arm in one.

And, just for fun and inspiration galore, take a scroll through Durr’s maker’s gorgeous site that shows their colorful workspaces and other projects they’ve created.

Would you wear Durr? Do you think the shivers would get annoying or encourage you to get the most out of each five minute burst? Share your thoughts below!

(h/t Design Milk)