Long ago (aka 2014), we at Brit HQ had a team-wide 5-minute stretch break every day at 3pm. It forced/allowed us to pry our eyes from the computer screen, pull our butts out of our seats and get a refresh — together! As our team got bigger and busier, we let this crucial breather fall by the wayside. But in the spirit of resolutions, we’re bringing it back! Check out our deskercise routine below — all stretches are quick, office-wear friendly and best of all, NOT embarrassing :)

Sitting Stretches


 Reps: 10 seconds for each side

Why: Releases tension in the upper body

How: Cross one leg over the other, then place your opposite elbow on your top thigh, right behind the knee (never put it directly on your knee as this could cause injury). Take a deep breath and sit up nice and tall, then slowly twist your back and look over your shoulder as you exhale. After 10 seconds, slowly come back to resting position and repeat with the other side.


 Time: 30 seconds for each position

Why: Helps prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, releases tension from the shoulders

How: Plant your feet squarely on the ground and sit up straight in your chair. If your feet don’t touch, move to the edge of the chair until they do. As you extend your arms in front of you, interlace your fingers and turn your hands so that the backs face you. Stop when your arms are fully extended and hold for 30 seconds. Then slowly bring your arms above your head to release even more tension from your shoulders.


 Reps: 2 15-second reps

Why: Releases tension in your back

How: Plant your feet on the ground hips-width apart. Rest your hands on the back of your hips, lengthen your spine, then slowly arch your back as you gently tilt your head back. (For some, tilting the head back is uncomfortable. If that’s you, do this stretch without the tilt). Hold for 15 seconds, then return to resting and repeat.

Standing Stretches


 Reps: 3 times in each direction

Why: Releases tension in your neck and back; increases shoulders’ and upper back’s range of motion

How: Plant your feet squarely on the ground with your feet hips-distance apart. Keeping your arms relaxed, slowly roll your shoulders in a backwards circle three times. Repeat the same motion going forwards.


 Reps: 3 5-second reps

Why: Releases tension in neck and shoulders

How: Shrug your shoulders straight up to your ears, then slowly bring them down again. Repeat eight times.


 Time: 15 seconds for each arm

Why: Stretches back of the upper arm and shoulder

How: Bring your right elbow behind your head, then carefully pull the elbow towards the left with your free hand. Repeat on the other side.


 Time: 10 seconds for each arm

Why: Works shoulders and neck muscles

How: Place your arm behind your back, then gently pull it towards your opposite side with your free hand. Carefully tilt your head towards the opposite shoulder, then return your head to resting position. Repeat with the other arm.


 Reps: 3 sets of 20 seconds

Why: Helps prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

How: Reach your arm out with your palm facing out and down, then grab your fingers with your other hand. Gently pull your facing hand back towards your body as you keep your elbow locked. Then do the same stretch with your palm facing your body. Repeat three sets for 20 seconds on each hand.


 Reps: 20 seconds for each position

Why: Helps prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

How: Bring your palms together just above your chin, then slowly moved them down to your chest as you press inward. After 20 seconds, slowly rotate your palms out and over until they face downwards as you continue to press inwards.

That’s it! Easy, huh? Happy stretching!

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