When you were learning the ABCs you probably watched some Sesame Street, maybe even had some of those snazzy magnetic letters for the fridge. But we’re betting you didn’t have a graphic designer father who turned your foray into the world of letters into an edible typography project for you. But Zoë Perez does. Designer-turned-stay-at-home-dad Tommy Perez is teaching two-year old Zoë her ABCs with her favorite foods and some creativity. How’s that for tactile stimulation, for ya?

Look through his creations and you’ll find a Q traced into the negative space of a spread of quinoa or an F sculpted out of frosting. Now we aren’t slamming Cookie Monster, cause you know we love us some C is for cookie, but we love that Zoë’s favorite letters have been the healthier options, including eggs, kale, hummus, macaroni noodles, olives and sunflower seeds (which Zoë calls “flower seeds”). Adorable.

A little bit about the kid. Zoë has always been more eclectic than your typical two year old, enjoying playing pirate as much as princess. She’s a singer, dancer and chatterbox, and she loves helping Dad with his work. So when Perez transitioned to freelance work and stay-at-home daddying, he wanted a way to use his passion to bring him and Zoë together, as well as to make her feel included and to give her a project that is just her own. Zoë hasn’t just been learning her ABCs, she’s learned creativity, the ability to follow a project through, the importance of good design and some patience (she has to wait to eat while Dad takes the photos). Pretty good for a two year old.

Lucky for you, Zoë’s journey isn’t yet complete. You can check some of Perez’s other projects on his website, or follow along with Zoë on his Instagram. We can’t wait to see how Perez teaches Zoë to read.

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(h/t Co.Design, images via t_rez)