Before you watched Sleepwalk With Me (wait… What?! You haven’t watched it yet? Get on it!) you were all like, I don’t even know who Mike Birbiglia is. But the thing is, you do know who Mike Birbiglia is. You’ve probably caught him doing stand-up on Comedy Central. You’ve probably LOLed while watching him charm your favorite late-night hosts. Most recently, you might have seen him unnerve audiences in the most adorable way with Shailene Woodley in The Fault in Our Stars. And you may have even spotted him make a cameo on Girls.

Mike Birbiglia’s comedy is rare. It’s clean, it’s genuine and it and he are currently on his Thank God for Jokes tour. If Mike’s relatable content and down-to-earth delivery aren’t enough to win you over, we’ve found something that just might. With each new tour destination, “Birbigs” introduces a new, super sweet poster designed by a super sweet designer.

Works (like this one by Nick Van Berkum) match each tour venue with charmingly unique and quirky imagery, location and date and are complete with an autograph from the funny man himself. The best part? Each design goes up for sale online ($20) following the shows.

Whether you’ve already attended a show, or are on the look out for a tour date in your area, we think these posters (the above by Robbie Cobb!) are even better than pizza-flavored ice cream. We’re left wanting more laughs, and anticipating new designs for his next LOL destinations.

And if you’re wondering if the man will be in your area any time in the near future, the answer is most likely yes. The man is a touring machine… and the poster lovers of the world rejoice.

Digging the Birbiglia poster designs? Dish on your favorite in the comments.