Working out after you’ve had a baby is tough. Not only because of that pregnancy weight, but because there is now a tiny human who demands your attention just as much as (jk, way more than) that set of dumbells. So what’s a fitness-loving celebrity couple to do? Work out with their kids, of course. As a follow up to Chris Hemsworth’s first ever Instagram, Chris shared an adorable pic of him running on the treadmill with one of his three kids over his shoulder a few months back. Now, his wife (Spanish model Elsa Pataky) just debuted another epic workout you can do with your kid.

In a video Elsa posted to her Instagram she’s seen out in grass with her baby and his stroller. While he works on his sea legs, Elsa uses the stroller for a couple of killer ab workouts. Similar to what you might do at the gym with an ab roller, Elsa rolls the stroller away and pulls it back in with both her arms and feet.

While she’s busy working on her six-pack, her little one seems to be a great job spotting his mom and making sure her form is on point.

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(Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty)