Speaking to the media can be a tedious task for stars. It isn’t easy answering the same questions a bajillion times while trying to stay chipper when you’re wildly zapped, all while promoting your work. What doesn’t usually come along are answers in the form of barks (as in a dog’s bark) and mid-interview drinking. But those are just a few of the nutso things that happened when Emma Roberts and Dave Franco sat down to prank the press.

Emma Roberts

Currently promoting their upcoming thriller, Nerve (July 27), the two young stars teamed up with the movie’s directors and YouTube celeb Casey Neistat in order to stir things up at a recent junket. While the actors were being asked questions from media peeps, Casey was whispering wacky answers into Mission Impossible-like earpieces worn by Emma and Dave.

Dave Franco

Comments like “Mmm, that feels good” and “Yeah, that’s the stuff” weird out the press, who try incredibly hard to roll with things and stay on their game. But when Emma declares, “Mommy needs a drink” and Dave pitches in with, “Daddy needs a drink, too,” there really is no hope of keeping this off the wildly weird track.

Although, really, it’s probably Dave’s epic “meee-ow!” that will have you scream-laughing. Watch for yourself and totally try not to giggle. We can guarantee, though, you’re definitely going to cringe!

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(h/t MTV; photos via Victor Boyko, Ben Gabbe, Lisa Maree Williams/Getty)