It’s finally here! In this Golden Age of television there are so many binge-worthy shows out there, it’s hard to imagine picking winners and losers. How can you decide between dragons, a self-involved Vice President, a prison full of talented women and Matthew McConaughey?! We have no idea, so we’ll be sitting here biting our nails all night, but in the meantime, here’s a peek behind the scenes of the night of TV glam and fame.

1. Sarah Hyland: Nothing like pre-gaming the Emmys with a hot slice of pie! Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland chows down in full hair and makeup, and we’re pretty sure this makes her our red carpet hero. (via @Sarah_Hyland)

2. Mindy Kaling: She’s killing it in color as usual. We’re pretty sure Mindy has never not looked amazing and this criss-cross number is no exception. Gotta love that metallic detail, and the fact that she’s posing in her office! (BTW, here are some organizational tips, Mindy.) (via @mindykaling)

3. Sarah Hyland’s Mani: You just can’t deny the classiness of a gilded French Tip mani. Sarah Hyland is certainly upping her mani game for the Emmys in hopes of taking home another win with the cast of Modern Family. (via @therealsarahhyland)

4. Jim Parsons: These two Armani men are dressed to kill. Big Bang Theory‘s leading man and his leading man are looking fantastic all suited up for their big night. (via @therealjimparsons)

5. Kelly Osbourne: Tonight, Kelly’s jewels of choice are gold Beladora baubles. Who says you only have to have one statement ring, anyway? After the purple faux hawk, we think you’re entitled to as many statements as you want. (via @kellyosbourne)

6. House of Cards Cast: This is the kind of party bus we want to be on! The cast of House of Cards carpooled in the only kind of vehicle that could hold (almost) all of them. Fingers crossed, Francis Underwood makes an appearance tonight. (via @houseofcards)

7. Allison Williams: Sofia Vergara has been on an intense Emmy workout for weeks. Meanwhile, Allison Williams of Girls “carbo-loaded” last night to the tune of bolognese pasta. No offense, Sofia, but this looks way better than the gym. (via @aw)

8. Debra Messing: This is what real beauty looks like, people. Debra is willing to do what it takes to amp up her radiant glow before she presents tonight at the Emmys. (via @therealdebramessing)

9. Chris Hardwick: We don’t see Jon Voight as a selfies kind of guy, so a photobomb was probably the only shot The Nerdist had at snapping his photo. (via @nerdist)

10. Fred Armisen: The Portlandia power couple cleans up mighty nice. No wigs. No props. No costumes. Just simple, sophisticated beauty. Love it. (via @sordociego)

11. Jesse Tyler Ferguson: This couple basically outshines the Emmy statue. Leave it to Mitch Jesse to pull out the checkered suit for that extra bit of personality on a special occasion classic. (via @jessetyler)

12. Heidi Klum: Heidi and Zac Posen are really, really making it work. With the helping hands of a few stylists and makeup artists, of course. (via @heidiklum)

13. Kerry Washington: When you’re a gladiator, the devil’s in the details. And this simple rosy nude is totally mani-cam worthy. Rock it, Kerry. (via @kerrywashington)

14. Michelle Dockery: This lovely actress is channeling her throwback character Lady Mary with this elegant, gold hair ornament. Would you expect any less from royalty? (via @theladydockers)

15. Seth Meyers: So this is how you roll out the red carpet. Who knew? Can’t wait to see all that Seth Meyers has to bring to the stage in the way of laugh riots. (via @sethmeyers)

16. Retta: Parks and Rec actress Retta says it best: “It takes a village.” And her village is all over it. Can they help us prep for our next night out, Retta? (via @unforettable)

17. Ricky Gervais: We hope he doesn’t wear those stunners inside. Still, somehow Ricky Gervais makes it work. We’re sure there’s less pressure when you’re not hosting. (via @rickygervais)

18. Laura Prepon: Final touches on the the brunette beauty before she heads to the red carpet in what’s sure to be a stunning gown. (via @lauraprepon)

19. Danielle Brooks: This woman is looking absolutely glowing. She’s keeping her hair short and sassy and her makeup gold and polished. Best of luck tonight, Taystee! (via @savvystarbeauty)

20. William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman: We always knew that Bill was a gentleman, but this is too much! He’s carrying his wife, actress Felicity Huffman’s Louboutins down the red carpet. It seems chivalry is far from dead. (via @hjean14)

21. Jimmy Kimmel: Who doesn’t love a guy who opts to take the train to the Emmys? Jimmy and his wife look mighty fine taking the stylish public transit route. (via @jimmykimmel)

22. Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling: The gorgeous ladies of Litchfield look absolutely radiant. Piper + Alex forever. (via @BuzzFeed)

23. Lena Dunham: Lena’s fabulous Giambattista Valli gown barely fits in the car! This dress is just layers upon layers of ombre tulle, like the gown we dreamed of as young ballerinas. Way to make our childhood wardrobe come to life, Lena. And congrats on the platinum blonde update! (via @officialautumndewilde)

24. Aaron Paul: Can you guess whose hand this is in the mani cam? Well he doesn’t have a mani, that’s for sure. Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul is nothing if not adventurous, but next time he should at least try to add a touch of sparkle. (via @BuzzFeed)

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