Coming up with strong passwords can be a challenge, but it is essential in a time when you must protect your online identity through banking, social media and more. Many of us are guilty of having at least one password using our name, phone number or pet’s name that we use for multiple sites. Enigmaze wants to help you out with upping your level of security. The best part of all? Their solution is wonderfully old school!


On the outside, the Enigmaze Secure Password Generating Grid Manager (seriously) looks like any old small, pocket-sized black notebook. Open it up and inside you’ll find 78 pages for alphabetizing and categorizing your passwords like a phone book. For example, if you need the password to your Squarespace account, look under “S.”


The kicker, though, is that on each page there’s a grid for you to use to create unhackable passwords through encryption, invisible ink, ciphers or your choice of spy-worthy security. You can add on to your easy-to-remember passwords or make totally random passwords thanks to the intricate grid system on each page.

Support Enigmaze here on Kickstarter. Harriet the Spy would be super proud.

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(Photos via Enigmaze)