When it comes to quality nail polish we can count on, Essie is a brand that’s hard to beat. Earlier this year, the 35-year-old company treated their customers to a special Retro Revival collection, where six discontinued shades emerged from the Essie vault, and now to celebrate their 1,000th nail polish, they’ve unveiled yet another collector’s item. Except this one might not be for everyone.


The 1,000th polish is called “Aim to Misbehave” and is described as a “scandalous yellow citron” with shimmering pearl. We know what you’re thinking: “YELLOW polish?!” TBH, we’re kind of thinking that too. However, a blogger at I’m a Beauty Geek was able to give the polish a test before its official launch (which is on May 31), and says it looks “flecky and stupendously warm.” Essie describes the color as a jewel tone rather than “a pastel or a classic primary yellow.” Hmm, we’re not entirely convinced, but it’s also the 1,000th shade so we might just have to buy it and see for ourselves.

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(Photos via Essie and Getty)