Kristin Cavallari is hotter than ever. Between her Uncommon James jewelry line, hosting the Very Cavallari TV show, and publishing her True Roots cookbook, there’s not a lot The Hills alum can’t do when she puts her mind to it. And that includes eating well. Although gluten, refined sugar, and cow’s milk may be absent from her diet, flavor and a heathy splurge or two are certainly not. Keep reading to find out everything she eats in a day.

Breakfast: “Pizza” frittata with basil, tomatoes, and goat’s milk cheddar cheese

“I’m the kind of person that HAS to have breakfast. I get way too hungry if I don’t (probably because I ate at 5:30pm the night before!). In my perfect world, I would have a smoothie or eggs every morning, but since I’m making my kids breakfast — and they love pancakes, bacon, you name it — I find that I’m usually eating what they’re eating most mornings. If it’s in front of me, I have no self control. With that being said, most things in my house are healthy. While I make pancakes, muffins, and any other baked goods, I use oat flour so they’re gluten-free. We don’t eat any cow’s milk (my entire house is sensitive to it), so the only dairy we do use is goat or sheep’s milk yogurt and cheese.”

Mid-morning: Almond milk matcha latte

“I don’t drink coffee every day, because I find it’s the one thing that I can easily become completely addicted to. I hate getting a headache after I’ve had it a few days in a row, but I do love matcha lattes with homemade almond milk as a substitute. I also drink a ton of water throughout the day — usually 75-95 ounces. I carry a 32-ounce water bottle with me everywhere I go.”

Lunch: BBQ ranch chicken salad with carrots, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, and cabbage

“I only ever read ingredient labels. I never look at calories, fat, or anything else, and I try to eat food as close to its natural state as possible — so no additives and processed foods. My cookbook, True Roots, is an honest example of how I eat on a daily basis. The recipes in there are what I make majority of the time.”

Afternoon snack: crackers, granola, or anything convenient

“I usually have an afternoon snack, and I love Simple Mills Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Crackers ($5), Made Good Chocolate Banana Granola Minis ($20), apples with almond butter, homemade beef jerky, hummus, yogurt, homemade trail mix with mixed nuts, dried cherries, and dark chocolate chips.”

Dinner: Paella with halibut, shrimp, mussels, chicken sausage, brown rice, saffron tomato broth, broccoli, asparagus, and peas

“We eat dinner every night as a family at 5:30pm (early!), but I always eat a ton so I’m not hungry for a snack before I go to bed. I’ve actually learned to love eating really early like that. Also I hardly ever drink alcohol, but when I do it’s tequila blanco with sparkling water, limes, and jalapeños. Once in a while, a glass of red wine.”

Dessert: Four chocolate-covered strawberries with almond butter

“I have a huge sweet tooth and have to have at least a little something every night after dinner. I’ll do anything as small as a piece of dark chocolate to goat’s milk or coconut milk ice cream on a gluten-free cone. I always tell people I eat everything — it’s just the types of things I eat are different than they were 10 years ago.”

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