T-minus-43 days (if rumors are to be believed) before the iPhone 7 is slated to hit the shelves, and in that time, we’ve heard buzz about everything from a new iPhone Pro to plenty of leaked images that people are claiming to be the iPhone 7. Many skeptics find it hard to believe that any leaks might actually be the real iPhone 7 — but you might want to suspend your disbelief for the latest of those leaks. According to the experts, a YouTube video demo-ing what appears to be the new iPhone 7 might be the real deal.


While the video is titled “Working iPhone 7 Prototype,” there’s reason to believe that this prototype most closely resembles what you’ll be seeing in Apple stores come September 16. Why? Because according to Gordon Kelly of Forbes, the iPhone is well into the “mass production stage” prior to their September release, “so keeping a lid on a supply chain of this magnitude is virtually impossible.” He also posits that the blue iPhone pic that was floating around the Interwebs a while back might also be the real McCoy.

Based off the video, a lot of the other murmurings regarding the new handset appear to be true. Sorry, headphone jack, you’re passé now. Other changes include cleaner, neater antenna lines, but it looks like that Force Touch Home Button everyone has been chattering about may or may not be in the cards. Currently, the “prototype” still has a very clearly delineated Home Button — which may be Force Touch-enabled, but until we get our paws on it, we can hardly tell ya.

In the meantime, hang tight. There’s only a month and a half left to go!

Check out the full video below.

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(Photos via Apple + Getty)