Having exposed brick in your home or apartment is a giant interior design bonus — jackpot, your home is already (at least a quarter) pretty gorg. Come on, who hasn’t sighed dreamily at a beautiful brick wall in an equally well-designed room? Incorporating exposed brick brings character and raw charm into any interior space from your kitchen to your bedroom. Thanks to a wide range of warm, natural colors, exposed brick can provide high style, rustic accents or a modern, industrial feel. Check out these 20 inspo-filled examples of brick walls done right!

1. Feminine Nursery: We wouldn’t have expected to see brick in a nursery, but it looks amazing! (via Grey Likes Baby)

2. Industrial Loft: This loft in Barcelona assumes a chic industrial style with exposed brick walls, metallic pipes and copper lighting. (via Decoist)

3. Glam Brick: Part of the reason we love brick is how versatile it is and adapts to whatever decor you pair it with — in this case, crystal chandeliers. (via Apartment Therapy)

4. New York Loft: Check out Orlando Bloom’s light and airy apartment with exposed brick walls. We would live there in a heartbeat (for more reasons than one). (via Domaine Home)

5. Cheery Accent: All the natural light in this Swedish apartment perfectly showcases the colors in the exposed brick. (via Decoholic)

6. Casual Nook: Just having a brick accent wall can add so much warmth and color to this cozy living room. (via Decor Pad)

7. Graphic Remnants: How dreamy is this bedroom! Answer: very. Very dreamy. (via Franklizstein)

8. Bohemian Loft: The brick in this otherwise all-white loft adds so much character. (via One Kindesign)

9. Parisian Attic: We love a little power pattern clashing in our wardrobe, but this is such a fun mixture of patterns and textures in this brightly-colored space. (via One Kindesign)

10. Edgy Penthouse: This funky space features all kinds of raw textures like brick and a concrete slab kitchen island. (via One Kindesign)

11. London Loft: We are digging the little pops of color in this otherwise neutral, cozy space. (via Stranger Than Vintage)

12. Bathroom Brick: That incredible metallic tub reflects back all the gorgeous textures in this bathroom. (via One Kindesign)

13. Classic White: Even though this brick wall has been painted, it still lends texture to this nature-loving room. (via Freunde Von Freunden)

14. Pastel Backdrop: We are loving this “gallery” of prints and patterns with that brick wall background. (via Decor8)

15. Melbourne Home: A brick wall can really stand up to some bold pieces of art, yes, even this big cat poster. (via The Design Files)

16. Brick Backsplash: Even if you didn’t come by it naturally, you can totally fake a brick wall! (via Houzz)

17. Cozy Warehouse: This space was once a factory and is now a beautiful home and workspace! (via Dwell)

18. Natural Tones: How terrific are all the raw textures in this space and that wooden bead chandelier. (via Tinas Lounge)

19. Just a Hint: Black and white are elegant colors that contrast well against the rugged brick. (via Inside Homes)

20. Green Dining: The wide, light planks in this wood floor stand up to the exposed brick for a unified look. (via Designed For Life)

How do you feel about exposed brick walls? Let us know in the comments below!