Looking for a beauty hack to enhance your peepers? How about 26 of them? Whether you need an understated daytime look, or you’re looking to wow at your next party, we’re outlining a generous handful of eyeliner tips and tricks. So line your lids with your desired color, prep your brows, and round out the look with flawless foundation. You’ll be turning heads all day and night long.

1. Prep Lids: Before applying eyeliner, prep the lids with a natural-colored eye shadow. It will even your skintone and prevent the liner from smudging throughout the day. (via Harpers Bazaar)

2. Top Lashline: This one is for the eyeliner newbs out there. With a kohl pencil, apply liner from the inner corners of your eyes to the outer corners. (via Total Beauty)

3. Thin Line: A perfect thin line paired with a pastel shadow achieves the ying and yang of that soft but bold look. (via Daily Makeover)

4. Brighten Eyes: If you’re a natural gal who’s feeling a little sleepy, no one needs to know it. Just follow this easy trick. Apply a beige-colored liner to your lower inner rim, and you’re suddenly wide awake. (via Total Beauty)

5. Cobalt Blue: Get ready to meet your new obsession. Your winter look has just been upgraded with a bold cobalt accent. (via Refinery 29)

6. Smudged Wraparound: Chances are, you rocked the ring-around-the-eye liner back in high school. But you probably didn’t understand smudging. (If you did, you were more advanced than we were.) Either way, let’s all consider this an education. Smudging is essential if you don’t want to look like an angsty teen. (via Total Beauty)

7. Soft Focused Down Below: Just because your eyelids provides the perfect canvas for liner and shadow doesn’t mean you have to ignore the underneath. (via Cosmopolitan)

8. Elongated Eye: Insecure about small eyes? Well, stop that! Just accentuate the outer corners of your eyes, and you’ve got one sexy look. (via Total Beauty)

9. Black and Gold: Um, you can probably guess how much we love this. The subtle black-and-gold combo complements any party outfit. (via Daily Makeover)

10. Winged Tip: Nah, we’re not talking about shoes. We’re talking about Angelina Jolie’s preferred technique. Execute with ease, and we’re sure a Brad Pitt of your very own will soon be knocking on your door. (via Total Beauty)

11. Straight as an Arrow With a Space Below: The future has arrived, and it’s this look with a very non-catchy name. Can someone please rename it? We’re thinking Fierce would cover it. (via Cosmopolitan)

12. Winged With Some Lower Lash Love: This look is perfect for a Throwback Thursday-themed happy hour, and we’re totally mad about it. (via Cosmopolitan)

13. ‘60s-Inspired Winged Tip: If bright red lips aren’t your thing, perhaps this bold colorful eye is. (via Total Beauty)

14. Sofia Loren’s Look: You better believe we’re paying tribute to Miss Loren. Because, let’s face it. The lady knows how to rock eyeliner. And these swoon-worthy cat eyes are the thickest yet. (via Cosmopolitan)

15. Colored Bottom Liner: Spice up your usual beauty routine with a pop of color — a great trick for enhancing your own irises. (via Total Beauty)

16. Champagne Corner Cat Eye: Get out the bubbly. This look definitely deserves a toast. (via Daily Makeover)

17. Enhance: Want to make your eye color really pop? Line your lids with a color that complements your own. (via Daily Makeover)

18. White Liner: Got brown eyes? Line the inner corners with white liner and add a touch of metallic to make the brown really stand out. (via All Women Stalk)

19. Make Them Bigger: Apply white liner to your lower waterlines to make your eyes look bigger. (via Daily Makeover)

20. Green Outlines: Calling all green-eyed beauties out there. Will at least one of you promise to rock this runway worthy look in everyday life? (via Daily Makeover)

21. Double Winged Tip: Because conquering the single winged tip wasn’t a big enough challenge for you, someone went ahead and made a double version. (via Total Beauty)

22. Crafty Calligraphy: These geometric eyes add drama to the middle of your lid thanks to the parallel cat eye effect. (via Cosmopolitan)

23. Triangles: This geometric design takes the cat eye to a whole new level. (via Beauty High)

24. Mind the (Eyeliner) Gap: If you notice a space between your lash line and eyeliner, fill it in using gel liner and a stiff brush. This is a beauty basic. (via Elle)

25. Make It Last: To seal your liner, put a coat of eyeshadow on top. Not only does it keep the liner in place, it adds extra pop to your already dramatic eyes. (via Harpers Bazaar)

26. Eye Rock Designer Liner: Can’t handle drawing on your own liner? Cheat it with temporary tattoos. Swoon! (via The Beauty Hub)

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