It’s a weird time for love lately, guys. Couples we thought we could count on, like Kermie and Miss Piggy, are hitting the rocks (don’t even talk to us about Gwen and Gavin — WE ARE NOT READY). In dark times like this, it’s important to focus on the happy things like couples who are still together and babies that bring Gossip Girl reunions with them. Love deserves to be celebrated, y’all.

We all have that friend who posts about their relationship 24/7 on Facebook. Heck, some of you are that person. If you’re the latter, we have good news. You can tell the haters to step off, because it turns out your social media PDA could be what’s making your relationship work.

The Daily Dot reported on a study that suggests that couples who post cutesy things on social media actually stay together longer than couples that don’t. “Social gestures improved the chance that a couple would still be together after six months,” according to the study, because “most people present themselves to others in a way they want to be perceived, thus affecting how they view themselves.” Essentially this means if you represent yourself as a person with a great relationship and hunky boo, you’ll be more inclined to work harder to foster that relationship to maintain that image.

The article is quick to point out that this study predicts the “longevity and not the health” of a relationship, meaning that there is still the possibility for people to front like they have a fairy tale relationship even if they don’t.

Still, posting pics of you having fun with your partner is kind of like a microcosm of a wedding. According to this article, ” it’s the same concept — you bring together the important people in your life and you make public declarations of love in front of them. That’s psychologically meaningful because you start to see yourself from the imagined perspective of others.”

Spread the love, people, spread the love!

(Also posting a pic of you and your boo in an article you wrote will make your relationship last a million years… according to a study I made up to justify posting the above.)

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(h/t Daily Dot, photos via @beyonce, @nph + @chrissyteigen)