Pumpkins are great and all, but they’ve arguably stolen the limelight away from an equally superb fall ingredient: apples! The naturally sweet fruit pairs well with all sorts of soul-warming autumnal recipes, from unexpectedly savory apple dishes to sweet apple desserts. And ya know what? Apples are also sort of amazing when mixed with a splash of booze. No, we’re not talking about regular ole apple-cinnamon cider — SNOOZE. Ahead, discover 12 seasonal apple cocktail recipes that taste even better than they smell (and they smell good).

Long Island Apple Iced Tea

1. Long Island Apple Iced Tea: Sip this cocktail *slowly.* It’s spiked with four different liqueurs, including apple vodka. (via Jennifer Meyerling)

2. Caramel Apple Manhattan: Served in a long-stem glass, this pretty orange cocktail is an autumnal take on a classic Manhattan. It’s made with bourbon, sweet vermouth, apple cider, and apple liqueur, then garnished with a super sweet caramel drizzle. (via Recipe Girl)

3. Autumn Apple and Pear Sangria: Sangria is so easy to make, and by the pitcher, no less. This one uses apples and pears as the fruit and will give your favorite red wine a seasonal kick. Bonus points if you have glittery glasses (which you can easily DIY). (via Home Cooking Memories)

4. Cranberry Apple Margarita: Nope, margaritas don’t *need* limes. To make your own lime-free marg, simply pour tequila, hard apple cider, cranberry juice, and orange juice over ice in a brown sugar-rimmed glass. (via My Sequined Life)

Apple Brandy Fizz Cocktail

5. Apple Brandy Fizz: This sparkling cocktail is bound to be your new go-to. You probably already have most of the ingredients in your pantry too. (via Sugar and Cloth)

Apples and Tequila Cocktail

6. Apples and Tequila Cocktail: This chic beverage contains walnut extract, of all things. It can double as a dessert, TBH. (via Freut Cake)

7. Apple Mojito: Go ahead; imagine how refreshing a white rum mojito will taste with a bit of apple juice. Expect the fresh mint and apple slices to create a next-level flavor you’ll want to sip all year long. (via Cake ‘n Knife)

Apple Cider Mimosas

8. Caramel Apple Mimosas: Brunch just got sweeter. In lieu of orange juice, this version of mimosas uses apple cider and Champagne. (via Wholefully)

Apple Pie Vodka Spritzer

9. Apple Pie Vodka Spritzer: You are going to be a total bartending pro come winter, girl. This gem calls for homemade apple pie vodka. (via The Cookie Rookie)

Apple Cider Gin Fizz

10. Apple Cider Gin Fizz: If it’s a slightly more complicated recipe you seek, grab your egg whites and whip up a Fizz. Besides eggs, the picture-perfect recipe calls for a few key ingredients like seltzer (club soda) and cinnamon sugar. (via Yes to Yolks)

11. Apple Pie Moscow Mule: Line up your copper mugs. For a fall mule, use equal parts apple cider and apple-flavored vodka in addition to ginger beer. (via The Cookie Rookie)

12. Poisoned Apple Cocktail: This tongue-in-cheek cocktail is made with vodka, apple juice, lemon juice, an egg white, and just a *pinch* of brown sugar. Serve it in a wide-brimmed glass to ensure its fall aroma fills the air. (via Birdie Shoots)

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