If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve bash this year, then you’ve probably already got a glittery photo backdrop and sparkly dress in mind… but what about your glassware? We’ve got a few easy DIY projects for transforming your glassware into some gorgeously glittery centerpieces. Add a little sparkle and get that bubbly ready — this year, your guests will have an extra reason to say, “Cheers!”

1. DIY Gold Confetti Glass: These pretty glasses couldn’t be easier to make. All you need is a sharpie and an eye for design. Top with classic red-and-white-striped straws for an old-school vibe. (via A Thoughtful Place)

2. Polka Dot Champagne Flutes: Speaking of dots, add some color to your NYE gathering with these bright and funky glasses. If you like, you can color code each glass so guests always know which one is theirs. (via Something Turquoise)

3. Embellished Glitter Decals: This awesome hack will look like you spent hours painstakingly etching your gorgeous glasses. They’ll never guess that your secret is glitter tape. (via HGTV)

4. Gold Glitter Vases: Whether you decide to serve drinks out of Mason Jars or want to use these as centerpieces for your holiday table, they’re bound to get some oohs and ahhs. (via Kristin Murphy)

5. Numbered Glasses: Want everyone to join in the countdown? Give them a numbered glass like the ones above, then have them call out their number as the ball drops. (via Martha Stewart)

6. Glam Champagne Glasses: Use glitter paint from the craft store to gently tap a subtle ombre look onto your glassware. You can even do this with plastic glasses if you don’t want to glam up your fancy china. (via Something Turquoise)

7. Pastel Wine Glasses: Of course, if you’re serving drinks beyond champagne, try out this easy way to color code wine glasses for your guests who want to sip on the good red stuff before the countdown. (via Boulevard Pinki)

8. Gold-Dipped Champagne Flutes: These gorgeous glasses will make you and your guests feel delightfully decadent while you sip on bubbly. (via Honestly WTF)

9. Festive Gold Glasses: Stencils will help you spell out the perfect message on each glass. We’re a fan of “cheers,” but you can write “Happy New Year,” “salut” or whatever floats your boat. (via Kristin Murphy)

10. Gold-Dipped Wine Glasses: It’s hard not to feel glamorous when taking a sip out of these pretty gold glasses. Add sparkly charms to help guests keep track of their drink and amp up the glitter factor. (via Momtastic)

11. Gold Confetti Champagne Flutes: Top these glasses off with a pretty gold bow for a totally glam New Year’s look. (via Pizzarerie)

12. Gold Pompom Drink Sparklers: Don’t want to draw on any of your glassware? No worries, these pretty gold sparklers are super easy to make and will be right at home in your drink. (via Kristin Murphy)

13. Washable Glitter Glasses: The beauty of these gorgeous glittery glasses is that you can actually put them in the dishwasher without them loosing their colorful shine! Save a set for all your holiday parties. (via Chickabug)

14. Dishwasher Safe Glitter Mugs: These mugs use a similar tactic as those washable glitter glasses to get the sparkles to stick. Use these festive mugs to serve something hot at your holiday bash. (via Creative Green Living)

15. Sequin Star Stir Sticks: These pretty drink toppers add just enough sparkle and fun to your celebratory drinks. Serve these in the mugs above with hot chocolate for a great end to a celebratory night. (via Confetti Pop)

Which of these festive glasses would you most love to sip from? Tell us in the comments below!