As far as outdoor scenery goes, it’s hard to beat the bursting color scheme Mother Nature churns out for fall. Red, gold, yellow, orange, green… the list goes on. If you’re planning on embracing the season’s tame weather and beautiful landscape, you’re going to need an equally impressive backdrop to match. Get inspired by these 20 warm, festive backdrops that’ll take an autumn wedding from simply seasonal to sensational.

1. Autumn Arbor: Well, it doesn’t get much more festive than this. With floating candles, nestled red apples and rustic brown draping, this backdrop embodies all our favorite things about fall. (via Wedding Chicks)

2. Garland Curtain: Here’s an inventive way to use garland: Drape two large pieces of fabric from an archway and tie them open to create a curtain-like effect. Then use two pieces of whatever kind of garland you like best to frame the fabric. (via The Knot)

3. Hilltop Hues: Leaves might be falling off trees left and right, but this wedding arch is lush as ever. (via Magnolia Rogue)

4. Leaves and Glass: Well hello fall. Use some of the season’s warm leaves and pair them with a cool display like this old window. Throwing in a little hay will also work wonders for an autumn vibe. (via Style Me Pretty)

5. Moody Beauty: If your wedding falls more on the winter side of autumn, chances are most those leaves are going to be brown and on the ground. Add in some vibrance with bright pops of a saturated red like in this display. (via The Wedding Scope)

6. Fully Fall: This display spares no subtly on the festive front. All your autumn bases are covered — sunflowers, vintage barn doors, a burlap runner and rustic barrels. (via DIY Wedding Mag)

7. Dramatic Duo: You don’t have to stick with the standard fall color scheme to embrace the season. These warm and cool romantic shades are working together beautifully. (via Vintage Chic Brides)

8. A Dapper Doorway: Flowers don’t have to be the main focus of your backdrop. Try something like this setup, where two rustic saloon doors are the main attraction and the flowers are simply used as an accent. (via Wedding Chicks)

9. Antler Arbor: Keep things vibrant with pops of yellow, pink and red in the floral arrangement and add a rustic fall touch with a pair of antlers at the center of the backdrop. (via Style Me Pretty)

10. Shaping Up: The flowers in this arrangement are to die for, but the main element that makes this piece stand out is its unique, oval shape. (via Once Wed)

11. Forest Fun: This enchanting display almost looks like a gateway into another land, and if you think about it, that’s kind of what a wedding day is. (via Style Me Pretty)

12. Open Door Daze: If you can find an archway with its frame still in tact, use it to your advantage. Swing that baby open and drape leafy garland around it. (via Style Me Pretty)

13. Moss Masterpiece: Autumn can get pretty chilly. If your ceremony is set indoors, you can still embrace the season — just simplify things a little bit. This delicate display with a moss base beautifully brings the outdoors inside. (via Project Wedding)

14. Whimsical Windows: Windows like you’ve never seen windows before… suspend them at different heights for a look that’s whimsical and rustic all at the same time. (via Style Me Pretty)

15. Fading Foliage: Oh my ombre! Make sure the ceremony and reception are in the same spot if you got for something like this because that backdrop is just begging to be instagrammed by all. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

16. Naturally Nude: Sometimes simple says it best. Let nature speak for itself and just give it a touch of extra elegance with some draping. (via Bridal Musings)

17. Cascading Leaves: Rake up those fallen leaves and give them a new life as a backdrop. Arrange them in an ombre pattern or just paste them onto a board in random order. Either option will look both festive and fun. (via Ruffled)

18. Pumpkin Pickings: Forget about all that overhead business. This backdrop is lush enough on its own, so this couple decided to add a fall element by arranging pumpkins and other various types of squash around a blanket. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

19. Literary Love: Sometimes fall just makes you want to curl up and read a book. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

20. A Little Bit of Everything: Streamers are never a bad idea. This arrangement with the rustic wood, leafy overhead and twisted lights looks great as is, but if you want to give it a real fall feeling, just swap out these subdued steamer colors for shades of green, yellow, red and orange. (via Junebug Weddings)

Which of these is your favorite? Did you use an awesome backdrop at your wedding? Share a pic with us!