You’ve probably spent these past few sizzling months sippin’ healthy(ish) summer cocktails by the pool and enjoying near-daily mojito happy hours. But summer shouldn’t get ALL the boozy glory. There are umpteen reasons to clink glasses in the colder months, so putting a warm fall twist on our favorite cocktails is essential, and you can start by adding an herbaceous flare. Grab your clippers and start snipping at your herb garden, because these 14 herb-infused fall cocktails will be calling your name.

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1. Sparkling Pomegranate Cranberry Sangria: Perfect for fall and winter holidays, this sangria adds an extra sparkle by swapping wine for Champagne. With a warm and earthy hint of rosemary, this stunning sip is inspired by seasonal flavors, Gatsby glam and New Year’s Eve bubbly. (via Justine Celina)

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2. Blackberry and Sage G + T’s: If you adore classic cocktails, you’ve certainly downed a few gin and tonics. Though delightful on their own, a classic blend also makes for a great base upon which to build a new and fancy swig. This traditional gin and tonic gets a sweet upgrade with blackberries and fresh sage. (via The Charming Detroiter)

Vanilla, Pepper and Thyme Martini

3. Vanilla, Pepper and Thyme Martini: There’s always thyme for a martini! Whether you’re cozy in leggings or clad in a cocktail dress, you’ll feel sophisticated and elegant when sipping one of these sweet yet peppery concoctions. We love a dirty martini with olives, but we can ditch them once in a while if it means having THIS. (via What Should I Make For…)

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4. Honey Winter Bourbon Cocktail With Honey Sage Syrup: Throw your feet up, relax and put some hairs on your chest! (We kid.) Despite being pretty, this ain’t no sugared-up girly drink. Enjoy the deep taste of bourbon stirred with an orangey bite and some subtle sweetness from a honey sage syrup. (via One Broad’s Journey)

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5. Exciting Cherry Mint Julep: If you love cherries as much as we do, you need this stunning spin on a mint julep in your life STAT. The rich sweetness of the cherries works wonders with the cool notes of fresh mint leaves. Enjoy an end-of-summer sunset on the porch with one (or several) of these tasty bevs. (via Dishes Delish)

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6. Mumbai Mules: Refreshing and fizzy, this eccentric twist on the classic Moscow Mule will surely dazzle your guests this holiday season. This savory and sweet vodka-based blend gets a kick from toasted spices like cumin and saffron, plus loads of freshly sliced ginger. (via The Bojon Gourmet)

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7. Thyme Tequila Fizz: The funny thing about doing tequila shots is that you’re fine until you’re totally notfine at all. If you want to enjoy the essence of tequila without hitting the floor, this thyme-infused beauty is the answer. Inspired by a love of fresh herbs, this blend has a tequila base that’s topped with sparkling Cava. (via Diverse Dinners)

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8. Hibiscus Berry and Mint Iced Tea Cocktails: You can enjoy iced tea in the cooler fall months, right? Heck yes, you can. With juicy muddled strawberries and hibiscus vodka, this sweet and tart tea is topped off with fresh mint for a cool and earthy finish. Time to enjoy tea for ALL the seasons. (via What Do You Crave?)

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9. Holiday Sangria: Greet your guests with a pitcher of this. Even if you’re not a wine drinker, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the spiced fruity flavors of fall that make this sangria the most perfect holiday sangria there ever was. We’d recommend making a double batch of this one! (via The Blond Cook)

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10. Pine-Infused Vodka Sour Cocktail: Nothing smells more like the winter holidays than fresh pine, amirite? This recipe changes things up with a lighter twist on a vodka sour cocktail, which is fizzy thanks to the addition of ginger ale. (The Girl on Bloor)

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11. Pear and Thyme Martini: When we think about the greatly anticipated happy hour, we think martinis — and this one can’t miss. The fact that thyme goes amazingly with fruits isn’t new, but it’s not very often you see it paired with pears. How have we been missing out on this? (via Erin Made This)

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12. Earl Grey, Ginger, Lemon and Bourbon: Lovers of Earl Grey tea love anything Earl Grey flavored, whether it’s cookies, cakes or even ice cream. We can only image their excitement over this gorgeous cocktail complete with fresh thyme. (via The Adventures of Bob and Shan)

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13. Sparkling Pear and Ginger Cocktail: Pears are underrated, and this needs to be rectified — so celebrate the beginning of fall with the beautifully complex flavors of this fizzy pear cocktail. It’s sweet, herbaceous and incorporates an earthy sage liquor. (via Will Cook for Friends)

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14. Bourbon Cider Punch: Imagine a late-afternoon stroll in the fall with crisp air, the sound of leaves crackling beneath your feet and an apple cider in hand; now imagine all of that, but replace the cider with a festive bourbon cider PUNCH with thyme-infused simple syrup. Has your mind just been blown? You’re welcome. (via Garlic and Zest)

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